Pheochromocytoma Manifesting Persistent Right Shoulder Pain and Hypochondralgia

Published on Dec 1, 2015in Journal of General and Family Medicine
· DOI :10.14442/JGFM.16.4_292
Hideharu Hagiya13
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Abstract Pheochromocytoma (PCC), a rare neuroendocrine tumor, shows a prevalence ranging between 0.1% and 0.6% in individuals suffering from hypertension. To date, an increasing number of patients with hereditary forms or subclinical PCCs have been diagnosed. We reviewed the main controversies and the most recent updates, especially inheritance genetics and surgical management. According to the “rule of 10”, in 1/10 patients with pheochromocytoma it is malignant, in 1/10 of cases the tumor is bi...
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Chronic abdominal pain is a devastating problem for patients and providers, due to the difficulty of effectively treating the entity. Both benign and malignant conditions can lead to chronic abdominal pain. Precision in diagnosis is required before effective treatment can be instituted. Celiac Plexus Block is an interventional technique utilized for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in the treatment of abdominovisceral pain. The richly innervated plexus provides sensory input about pathologic ...
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INTRODUCTION Low back ache is a common complaint in the elderly and in the absence of red flag symptoms can be easily dismissed as benign. Pheochromocytoma presenting as back pain is unusual and to our knowledge, only two previous cases have been reported in the literature with back pain as the ‘only’ presenting symptom.
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Computed tomography (CT) is used to localize pheochromocytoma once it has been biochemically diagnosed. Noncontrast CT has high sensitivity (approximately 90%) in various types of pheochromocytoma, and contrast can increase both the sensitivity and specificity of CT (1). It is commonly believed that the contrast media used for CT can induce hypertensive crisis in patients with pheochromocytoma. Reports of complications (such as hypertensive crisis) are well described in patients who underwent an...
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AIM: To clarify the innervation of human gallbladder, with special reference to morphological understanding of gallstone formation after gastrectomy. METHODS: The liver, gallbladder and surrounding structures were immersed in a 10 mg/L solution of alizarin red S in ethanol to stain the peripheral nerves in cadavers (n = 10). Innervation in the areas was completely dissected under a binocular microscope. Similarly, innervation in the same areas of 10 Suncus murinus (S. murinus) was examined emplo...
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Abstract Sympathetically maintained pain could either be mediated by ephaptic interactions between sympathetic efferent and afferent nociceptive fibers or by catecholamine-induced activation of nociceptive nerve endings. We report here single fiber recordings from C nociceptors in a patient with sympathetically maintained pain, in whom sympathetic blockade had repeatedly eliminated the ongoing pain in both legs. We classified eight C-fibers as mechano-responsive and six as mechano-insensitive no...
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The dangers of phaeochromocytomas are mainly due to the capability of these neuroendocrine tumours to secrete large quantities of vasoactive catecholamines, thereby increasing blood pressure and causing other related adverse events or complications. Phaeochromocytomas are often missed, sometimes only becoming apparent during therapeutic interventions that provoke release or interfere with the disposition of catecholamines produced by the tumours. Because phaeochromocytomas are rare, evidence con...
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OBJECTIVE. The objective of our study was to determine the prevalence of incidental pheochromocytomas, whether their imaging characteristics differ from those of pheochromocytomas in symptomatic patients, and whether they differ from adenomas using CT densitometry.MATERIALS AND METHODS. The records from 335 adrenalectomies performed at our institution from 1995 to 2002 were reviewed, and 71 pheochromocytomas were identified. Thirty-three patients had CT examinations performed at our institution ...
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Summary During the preparations of cadavers for educational purposes we followed the course of the right phrenic nerve. On one of them and especially a female cadaver aged 72-year-old we found a branch arising from the thoracic portion of the right phrenic and passing through the two layers of the falciform ligament distributed to the upper surface of the serous layer of the liver in the form of “pes anserinus”. As it is known, pain referred from the diaphragmatic peritoneum is classically felt ...
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Objective: Phaeochromocytoma is a rare tumour of the chromaffin cells, the diagnosis of which is based on an assay of metanephrines and treatment is surgical excision of the tumour. It is usually discovered due to a rich and varied symptomatology or classic paroxysmal hypertension. The main purpose of this study was to specify the exact circumstances of discovery of the phaeochromocytomas operated on in our university hospital between 1990 and 2002. Design and methods: Forty-one consecutive and ...
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We present a case of a 19-year-old man with right shoulder pain lasting for several months. Abdominal imaging revealed a right adrenal mass directly invading vascular structures into the right atrium. Widespread metastatic adrenocortical carcinoma was confirmed on biopsy. He opted for palliative mitotane treatment with home hospice care. This case emphasises the importance of considering abdominal masses in the differential diagnosis of persistent right shoulder pain after common causes have bee...