The Compressive Behavior of Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites Subjected to Local

Published on Jan 1, 2000
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Abstract Polymer matrix composites can be severely degraded/damaged under thermal loading caused by fire. Fire degradation of fiber composites is a serious concern in large load-bearing structural applications such as ship, piers and bridges. This paper describes results from combined experimental and theoretical studies of compressive failures of polymer-matrix glass-reinforced composites which have undergone fire degradation. The focus of the present paper is on single skin composites. Experim...
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The U.S. Navy is incorporating composite materials into the fleet due to the many advantages of composite construction compared to steel and aluminum construction. These advantages include the reduction in life costs, corrosion resistance, high strength- and stiffness-to-weight ratios, ability to tailor, and improved stealth. Of particular interest to the Navy are weight reduction and non-magnetic and damping characteristics associated with composite construction. Increased payload and range and...
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#1Robert J. Asaro (UCSD: University of California, San Diego)H-Index: 31
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This paper describes results from combined experimental and theoretical studies of compressive failures of polymer matrix glass reinforced composites which have undergone thermal loading. The materials discussed herein are composed of vinylester resins and E-glass, quasi-isotropic, fabrics with relatively high fiber densities in the 55 volume percent range. Both single skin and cored composite materials are addressed in our studies but the focus of the present paper is on single skin composites....
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Introduction Basic Concepts Constituent Materials for Composites Structural Applications of Composites Fabrication Processes Elements of Mechanical Behavior of Composites Review of Basic Mechanics of Materials Equations Problems References Lamina Stress -- Strain Relationships Introduction Effective Moduli in Stress -- Strain Relationships Symmetry in Stress -- Strain Relationships Orthotropic and Isotropic Engineering Constants The Specially Orthotropic Lamina Problems References Effective Modu...
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During the mid 1980s the United States Navy embarked on an ambitious shipbuilding program to supplement the fourteen planned Averager class mine counter measure ships (MCMs) with a smaller coastal minehunter designed for harbor clearance, port breakout, and coastal deep water missions. Red Sea and Persian Gulf mining incidents during this period emphasized the need for modern forces. Technical problems led to the cancellation of the MSH program. The U.S. Navy selected an existing design with pro...
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To evaluate the impact of fire on the structural response of a composite component, the thermal response of that component must first be determined. Given a moderate-intensity, short-duration, radiant heat flux with an arbitrary distribution, a three-dimensional heat transfer analysis is essential to predict properly the thermal response. A three-dimensional heat transfer model is formulated to examine the thermal response of an anisotropic composite laminate. The model permits temperature-depen...
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A compact desk reference, this book includes all the subjects contained in the 17 alphabetical volumes and the Supplement and Index volumes of the "Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Engineering". The articles have been condensed by professional science writers, reviewed for accuracy by the original authors or their colleagues, and updated where necessary. Similar to the original set, this edition provides both SI and common units, carefully selected key references for each article, and hundred...
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Introduction. 1: Structure of the molecule. 2: Structure of polymeric solids. 3: The elastic properties of rubber. 4: Viscoelasticity. 5: Yield and fracture. 6: Reinforced polymers. 7: Forming. 8: Design. Further reading, Answers, Index
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