Differentiation and analysis on rock breaking characteristics of TBM disc cutter at different rock temperatures

Published on Dec 16, 2015in Journal of Central South University1.716
路 DOI :10.1007/S11771-015-3032-6
Qing Tan3
Estimated H-index: 3
(CSU: Central South University),
Gui-ju Zhang1
Estimated H-index: 1
(CSU: Central South University)
+ 1 AuthorsJian-fang Li1
Estimated H-index: 1
(CSU: Central South University)
In order to study rock breaking characteristics of tunnel boring machine (TBM) disc cutter at different rock temperatures, thermodynamic rock breaking mathematical model of TBM disc cutter was established on the basis of rock temperature change by using particle flow code theory and the influence law of interaction mechanism between disc cutter and rock was also numerically simulated. Furthermore, by using the linear cutting experiment platform, rock breaking process of TBM disc cutter at different rock temperatures was well verified by the experiments. Finally, rock breaking characteristics of TBM disc cutter were differentiated and analyzed from microscale perspective. The results indicate the follows. 1) When rock temperature increases, the mechanical properties of rock such as hardness, and strength, were greatly reduced, simultaneously the microcracks rapidly grow with the cracks number increasing, which leads to rock breaking load decreasing and improves rock breaking efficiency for TBM disc cutter. 2) The higher the rock temperature, the lower the rock internal stress. The stress distribution rules coincide with the Buzin Neske stress circle rules: the maximum stress value is below the cutting edge region and then gradually decreases radiant around; stress distribution is symmetrical and the total stress of rock becomes smaller. 3) The higher the rock temperature is, the more the numbers of micro, tensile and shear cracks produced are by rock as well as the easier the rock intrusion, along with shear failure mode mainly showing. 4) With rock temperature increasing, the resistance intrusive coefficients of rock and intrusion power decrease obviously, so the specific energy consumption that TBM disc cutter achieves leaping broken also decreases subsequently. 5) The acoustic emission frequency remarkably increases along with the temperature increasing, which improves the rock breaking efficiency.
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TBM performance depends on the rock breakage efficiency induced by TBM cutterhead. The rock breakage process is the interaction process between TBM and rock mass, which is affected by the TBM specifications, such as cutter thrust force, cutter tip width and profile, cutter spacing, revolution per minute, and torque, and rock mass properties mainly including rock material strength, rock brittleness index, joint spacing and orientation. In this study, rock chipping process induced by two TBM cutte...
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During rock breaking by drill, cone rolls on the rock surface and contact between gear teeth and surface is basically positive Mode-I plane indentation and bias Mode-I plane indentation. During bias action, there will be an asymmetrical Mode-I singular stress field at both ends of the indenter. The stress field singularity is of the same order as Mode-I crack tip and with the same function distribution. In this paper, based on the J2 integral conservation law, a new method is established for sol...
At present, the constant cross section (CCS) disc cutter with flat edge is widely used in TBM tunnelling project. But the problem of serious wear and low rock breaking efficiency appeared when the CCS disc cutter was driven into the high abrasive stratum. The disc cutter with small edge angle is designed in order to enhance the service life of the disc cutter in this paper. The simulation of the two kinds of cutter rings rock breaking were done based on the theoretical analysis used the theoreti...
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