ASSISTING WELLBEING - The Challenges of using Technology to Improve Wellbeing in Older Adults

Published on Jan 1, 2008 in HEALTHINF (International Conference on Health Informatics)
Douglas Millward , Wendy Nicholls8
Estimated H-index: 8
(University of Wolverhampton)
Logic controlled regulated power supply which produces a d.c. output potential which is stabilized at a predetermined value through the variation of the average efficaciousness of a train of rectified clock pulses. The level where the predetermined value is satisfied is sensed to produce a logic level which inhibits further clock pulse efficacy at least until such time as the d.c. output potential, as accumulated across a charge holding capacitor, dissipates to a level less than the predetermined value through the impedance of an external load whereupon the flow of clock pulses are resumed for at least the period of time necessary to integratively reaccumulate sufficient rectified charge in the charge holding capacitor to again exceed the predetermined value. This cycle of enablement and disablement of clock pulse flow continues ad infinitum thereby maintaining a relatively constant d.c. level across the terminals of the charge holding capacitor.
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