Decision Analysis and Cost-effectiveness Analysis.

Published on Dec 1, 2009in Seminars in Spine Surgery
· DOI :10.1053/J.SEMSS.2009.08.003
Hilary F. Ryder6
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Christene M. McDonough1
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Healthcare decision making can be complex, often requiring decision makers to weigh serious trade-offs, consider patients' values, and incorporate evidence in the face of uncertainty. Medical decisions are made implicitly by clinicians and other decision-makers daily. Decisions based largely on personal experience are subject to many biases. Decision analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis are systematic approaches used to support decision-making under conditions of uncertainty that involve important trade-offs. These mathematical tools can provide patients, physicians, and policy makers with a useful approach to complex medical decision making.
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The purpose of economic evaluation is to inform decisions intended to improve healthcare. The new edition of Methods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care Programmes equips the reader with the necessary tools and understanding required to undertake evaluations by providing an outline of key principles and a 'tool kit' based on the authors' own experiences of undertaking economic evaluations. Building on the strength of the previous edition, the accessible writing style ensures the text is k...
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About the authors Foreword Preface Acknowledgments List of abbreviations 1. Elements of decision making in health care 2. Managing uncertainty 3. Choosing the best treatment 4. Valuing outcomes 5. Interpreting diagnostic information 6. Deciding when to test 7. Multiple test results 8. Finding and summarizing the evidence 9. Constrained resources 10. Recurring events 11. Estimation, calibration and validation 12. Heterogeneity and uncertainty 13. Psychology of judgment and choice Index.
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Lumbar discectomy is the most common surgical procedure performed in the US for patients with back pain and leg symptoms due to intervertebral disc herniation (IDH) 1, Disc herniation most frequently occurs among persons between 33 and 55 years of age; however, rates of spine surgery in the Medicare population--those 65 and older--rose dramatically in the United States over the period 1992 through 2003, with total Medicare spending on lumbar discectomy/laminectomy estimated at $306 million.2. Wh...
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Objective To determine whether the faster recovery after early surgery for sciatica compared with prolonged conservative care is attained at reasonable costs. Design Cost utility analysis alongside a randomised controlled trial. Setting Nine Dutch hospitals. Participants 283 patients with sciatica for 6-12 weeks, caused by lumbar disc herniation. Interventions Six months of prolonged conservative care compared with early surgery. Main outcome measures Quality adjusted life years (QALYs) at one y...
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Objectives To evaluate the effects of early lumbar disc surgery compared with prolonged conservative care for patients with sciatica over two years of follow-up. Design Randomised controlled trial. Setting Nine Dutch hospitals. Participants 283 patients with 6-12 weeks of sciatica. Interventions Early surgery or an intended six months of continued conservative treatment, with delayed surgery if needed. Main outcome measures Scores from Roland disability questionnaire for sciatica, visual analogu...
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Study Design. Investigation of the effect of static compression and anisotropy on the apparent diffusivity of glucose in bovine annulus fibrosus (AF). Objective. To determine the apparent glucose diffusivity in 2 directions (axial and radial) of bovine AF under 3 levels of compressive strain (0%, 10%, and 20%). of Background Data. Knowledge of diffusivity of small molecules is important for understanding nutritional supply in intervertebral discs and the mechanisms of disc degeneration. However,...
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The cost and utility of surgery for a herniated lumbar disc has not been determined simultaneously in a single cohort. The aim of this study is to perform a cost–utility analysis of surgical and nonsurgical treatment of patients with lumbar disc herniation. Ninety-two individuals in a cohort of 1,146 Swedish subjects underwent lumbar disc herniation surgery during a 2-year study. Each person operated on was individually matched with one treated conservatively. The effects and costs of the treatm...
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Context For patients with lumbar disk herniation, the Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial (SPORT) randomized trial intent-to-treat analysis showed small but not statistically significant differences in favor of diskectomy compared with usual care. However, the large numbers of patients who crossed over between assigned groups precluded any conclusions about the comparative effectiveness of operative therapy vs usual care.
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Lumbar diskectomy is the most common surgical procedure performed in the United States for patients having back and leg symptoms; the vast majority of the procedures are elective. However, lumbar disk herniation is often seen on imaging studies in the absence of symptoms1,2 and can regress over time without surgery.3 Up to 15-fold variation in regional diskectomy rates in the United States4 and lower rates internationally raise questions regarding the appropriateness of some of these surgeries.5...
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This paper critically reviews theoretical and empirical propositions regarding visual analogue scale (VAS) valuations of health states and their use in cost-utility analysis (CUA). A widely repeated assertion in the economic evaluation literature is the inferiority, on theoretical grounds, of VAS valuations. Five common criticisms are: VAS lacks a theoretical foundation; VAS values are not 'choice based'; VAS values are not consistent with utility-under-uncertainty requirements; context and rang...
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BACKGROUND Patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have a 2- to 3-fold greater risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) than patients without IBD, with increased risk during hospitalization that persists postdischarge. We determined the cost-effectiveness of postdischarge VTE prophylaxis among hospitalized patients with IBD. METHODS A decision tree compared inpatient prophylaxis alone vs 4 weeks of postdischarge VTE prophylaxis with 10 mg/day of rivaroxaban. Our primary outcome was quality-ad...
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Regulatory agencies are required to evaluate the impacts of thousands of chemicals. Toxicological tests currently used in such evaluations are time-consuming and resource intensive; however, advances in toxicology and related fields are providing new testing methodologies that reduce the cost and time required for testing. The selection of a preferred methodology is challenging because the new methodologies vary in duration and cost, and the data they generate vary in the level of uncertainty. T...
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Abstract null null Objectives null This study aimed to assess the cost-effectiveness profile of adherence to recommendations for the community management of patients discharged with a diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome (ACS). null null null Methods null The cohort of 50 282 residents in the Lombardy Region (Italy) who were discharged with a diagnosis of ACS during 2011 to 2015 was followed up until 2018. Adherence to selected recommendations including drug therapies (DTs), outpatient controls,...
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Abstract null null Maternal smoking increases mortality and morbidity risks for both mother and infant. The First Breath Wisconsin study examined the cost-effectiveness of providing incentives to pregnant women who smoked to engage in stop smoking treatment. Participants (N = 1014) were Medicaid-enrolled pregnant women recruited from September 2012 to April 2015 through public health departments, private, and community health clinics in Wisconsin. The incentive group (n = 505) could receive $460...
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PURPOSE Health technology assessment provides a means to assess the technical properties, safety, efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and ethical/legal/social impact of a novel technology. An important component of health technology assessment is the cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA), which can be performed using model-based CEA. This study used the CEA model to compare the cost-effectiveness of a novel ligament augmentation device with the standard technique for primary repair of complete ulnar colla...
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Clinicians regularly have to trade benefits and harms to choose between testing and treatment strategies. This process is often done by making global and implicit judgments. A decision analysis is an analytic method that makes this process more explicit, reproducible, and evidence-based. While clinicians are unlikely to conduct their own decision analysis, they will read publications of such analyses or use guidelines based on them. This review outlines the anatomy of a decision tree and provide...
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Abstract null null Problem null Although perinatal universal depression and psychosocial assessment is recommended in Australia, its clinical performance and cost-effectiveness remain uncertain. null null null Aim null To compare the performance and cost-effectiveness of two models of psychosocial assessment: Usual-Care and Perinatal Integrated Psychosocial Assessment (PIPA). null null null Methods null Women attending their first antenatal visit were prospectively recruited to this cohort study...
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PURPOSE Given the innovation of fecal immunochemical testing (FIT) to detect polyps in the rectum and colon for removal by colonoscopy, it is important to determine the cost per Life-Year Gained (LYG) when using FIT as a population-level screening model. This is particularly true for medically underserved rural populations. Accordingly, the purpose of this study was to make this determination among rural Appalachians experiencing isolation and economic challenges. METHODS The study occurred in a...
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Background This study aimed to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of a breast cancer screening programme that incorporates genetic testing using breast cancer associated single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), against the current biennial mammogram-only screening programme to aid in its implementation into the current programme in Singapore. Methods A Markov model was used to compare the costs and health outcomes of the current screening programme, against a polygenic risk-tailored screening progra...
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