Effect of Corn Silk Extract on Kidney Stone Decomposition in Comparison with Alkalinizeragent (uralyte)

Published on Aug 15, 2012
Kidney stone is one of the most important problems in different countries over the world. They are affected by different factors like nutrition, age, drug history and other environmental and family factors. Locally, corn silk used as decompose of stones. This study proved that corn silk extract does not act as decompose for kidney stones in comparison with alkalinizer agent which consider effective decompose factors. This work has been carried out at Al-Yarmook Teaching Hospital for the period between (the 1st of October 2010 to the thirty of April 2011). Sixty male patient with ages range between (20-60 years) were taken, all of them were suffering from renal stone. They were divided in two groups (each group consists of 30 patients). The first group of patients with lower urinary stone size ( 6-8 mm), we're advised to take an alkalinizer agent (Uralyt-U one cup of tea three times daily) while the other group of patients was advised to take corn silk, (two cup of tea daily ). Corn silk increased the urinary output and increased the percentage the passage of urinary stones through the urinary tracts without decomposed stones. The alkalinizer agent increases the decomposition of stone mainly radiolucent stone and calcium oxalate stones. Corn silk was playing an important physical role in treatment by increasing the contraction of smooth muscles an led to increase the urinary output without decomposition of stones while Uralyt-U- decompose stones by providing alkaline pH.
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