Long-term Taenia saginata infection successfully treated with meglumine/diatrizoate sodium.

Published on Jan 1, 2012in Internal Medicine1.005
· DOI :10.2169/INTERNALMEDICINE.51.6499
Shoji Hirasaki19
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(Okayama University),
Kazutoshi Murakami14
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(Okayama University)
+ 4 AuthorsNorio Koide20
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(Okayama University)
A 46-year-old Japanese man visited our hospital for chronic abdominal pain, persistent diarrhea and discharge of proglottids for 7 years. He had been living in Lao People's Democratic Republic. Ileography using meglumine/diatrizoate sodium (Gastrografin) revealed a long tapeworm. A Taenia saginata including the scolex was excreted through the intestinal tract by the administration of total 780 ml of Gastrografin. Taeniasis is an important disease in the differential diagnosis of imported diseases in Japan. Parasite infection should be suspected in patients with chronic abdominal pain or persistent diarrhea regardless of the findings for small bowel obstruction when there is a history of overseas travel.
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Infection with tapeworms is a major problem in many parts of the world. Patients may be asymptomatic or have a significant morbidity depending on the species. Infection with Taenia species is sometimes found by expulsion of eggs or proglottids in stool. Species specific diagnosis of Taenia is difficult, but possible. We present a case of Taenia saginata incidentally discovered, and risk factors for transmission, diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment.
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Summary Taenia saginata infection is caused by the bovine tapeworm and can be the cause of emergency surgical conditions. We report one case of small bowel obstruction leading to necrosis and another case of large bowel obstruction and volvulus due to an impacted tapeworm. The diagnosis of these rare circumstances is usually made intraoperatively.
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Context Human taeniasis caused by the pork, Taenia solium, or beef, T saginata, tapeworm arises after eating pork or beef contaminated with metacestodes, the larval stage of these parasites. Taeriasis with T solium can lead to neurocysticercosis and threaten others by accidental ingestion of eggs released from asymptomatic taeniasis patients. The 2003 World Health Assembly declared that T solium is of worldwide public-health importance, and that it is an eradicable parasitic disease worldwide. A...
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A thirteen-year old girl presented with acute right lower quadrant abdominal pain for which evaluation suggested appendicitis. At laparotomy, the appendix was normal but a Meckel's diverticulum with an impacted Taenia saginata(tapeworm) was found The diverticulum was excised and histopathology confirmed diverticulitis from the parasite. Though Meckel's diverticulitis due to parasites has been reported, this is usually from ascaris. Tapeworm causing this complication is rare.
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Abstract Previous published clinical observations claim that Gastrografin, a hyperosmolar gastrointestinal water-soluble contrast agent, speeds the resolution of postoperative ileus, barium impaction ileus, adhesive small-bowel obstruction, and intestinal obstruction caused by parasites and bezoars. However, no objective data exist that support the therapeutic effects of Gastrografin in these situations. A total of 107 episodes of adhesive, partial small-bowel obstruction in 99 patients were ran...
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Surgical complications of Taenia saginata infection, the bovine tapeworm which man acquires by eating undercooked beef, are mentioned in standard texts; however, none of these seem to give any specific reference. Reported here is one case of acute mechanical intestinal obstruction due to a bolus impaction of Taenia saginata at the levfel of tghe ileocaecal valve. The rarity of this clinical presentation as well as the probable mechanism of obstruction are discussed
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: A 77-year old man living in Kyunggi-Do, Korea was surgically treated at Seoul National University Hospital on April 1981, because of acute abdomen. At laparotomy, a 1.77m long adult Taenia saginata was found both in gallbladder and in common bile duct to cause acute gangrenous cholecystitis. The relevant literature were reviewed and possible mechanisms of the disease were discussed.
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: A case is reported of acute edematous pancreatitis due to obstruction of Wirsung's canal by Taenia saginata rings. The patients recovered after release of the obstruction by sphincterotomy followed by drainage of the biliary tract.
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Abstract Only a few reports have described radiological findings of parasite depicted by postmortem computed tomography (PMCT). We herein present a case in which the PMCT of a 29-year-old man revealed Taenia saginata, a species of tapeworms, inside the intestine. The image of the parasite appeared as a low-density linear or cystic pattern of gas bubbles located within the lumen of the small bowel. We named this finding as ‘Pseudo-Pneumatosis intestinalis’ sign, since which mimicked the findings ...
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Abstract A 6-year-old girl was admitted to our hospital due to discharging the strobila of a tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense) from her anus. Before excreting the tapeworm completely with anthelmintics, ultrasonography was performed. The tapeworm was shown as a slightly high echoic strand-like lesion on ultrasonography in the terminal ileum. In this strand-like lesion, some high echoic spots were detected. This finding was considered as a characteristic of Diphylloborthriasis.
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: Capsule endoscopy was used to detect intestinal Taenia saginata infection in a 19-year-old man. The patient was initially believed to have Crohn's disease due to a notable family history of the disease. Capsule endoscopy is a valuable tool for diagnosing tapeworm infection even when Crohn's disease is suspected.
L’infection a Taenia et les gastrites a Helicobacter pylori (HP) repondent dans la majorite des cas aux traitements usuels. Nous rapportons le cas d’un adolescent presentant simultanement les deux infections, toutes deux resistantes aux traitements medicamenteux. Un adolescent de 13 ans presente des epigastralgies, associees a une anemie ferriprive. Une premiere endoscopie retrouve une gastrite a HP et des residus blanchâtres duodenaux etiquetes aspecifiques. Les deux premieres lignes de traitem...
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A 62-year-old Chinese male presented to our hospital for abdominal pain and bloating for more than one month. He had a history of operation for appendicitis and followed by frequent intestinal obstruction during the last 35 days. He was finally diagnosed as taeniasis and taeniasis related-eosinophilic gastroenteritis. Glycerini under colonoscope was used to improve the quality of endoscopic view for parasite and relieve the intestinal obstruction. This article introduced our diagnostic and thera...
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article i nfo This review examines the use of digestive endoscopy to visualize intestinal helminths. The infections caused by theseparasitesareresponsibleforhighlevelsofmorbidityandmortality.Thesehelminthscanbevisualizedusing gastroduodenal endoscopy, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, and colonoscopy. Endoscopic examination of the small bowel is limited by its considerable length and its distance from the mouth and anus. Since capsule endoscopy (CE) was first reported in 2000, it h...
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