Blindness in the developing world.

Published on Jul 1, 1993in British Journal of Ophthalmology3.611
· DOI :10.1136/BJO.77.7.398
Allen Foster75
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Gordon J. Johnson65
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In many parts of Africa patients with upper-lid trichiasis due to trachoma have very limited access to ophthalmologists or hospital facilities. In order to reach these patients it is necessary for trained paramedical eye workers to operate on patients close to where they live. The results of trichiasis surgery performed by an ophthalmic nurse in Tanzania were evaluated. A total of 156 operations were performed on 94 patients over a 2 year period by an eye nurse in central Tanzania. One hundred a...
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Abstract The safety and efficacy of ivermectin in the prevention of blindness from onchocerciasis have been established in many studies that have addressed the drug's effects on the front of the eye. We undertook a study with sufficient statistical power to detect an effect on optic nerve disease (ON D), probably the main cause of blindness in the disorder. The trial was based in 34 mesoendemic communities in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Villagers aged 5 years and older were randomly assigned annual d...
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Abstract Community trials of the efficacy of vitamin A supplementation in reducing preschool childhood mortality have produced conflicting results. To resolve the question, a randomised, double-masked, placebo-controlled community trial of 28 630 children aged 6-72 months was carried out in rural Nepal, an area representative of the Gangetic flood plain of South Asia. Randomisation was carried out by administrative ward; the vitamin-A-supplemented children received 60 000 retinol equivalents eve...
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• Trachoma remains the major infectious cause of blindness in many developing areas, especially where hygiene is poor. The practices and behaviors associated with an increased risk of trachoma were studied in central Tanzania, where a stratified random cluster sample of 8409 people was examined. Data were collected on family and individual characteristics and behaviors and on trachoma status. Overall, 60% of the children aged 1 to 7 years had active inflammatory trachoma, and 10% of those aged 6...
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Abstract The discovery of RFLPs and their utilization as genetic markers has revolutionized research in human molecular genetics. However, only a fraction of the DNA sequence polymorphisms in the human genome affect the length of a restriction fragment and hence result in an RFLP. Polymorphisms that are not detected as RFLPs are typically passed over in the screening process though they represent a potentially important source of informative genetic markers. We have used a rapid method for the d...
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Abstract The incidence of eye infections in a community is generally accepted as an indicator of the adequacy of water supply for their needs. However, discrepancies in the published results from various studies seem to challenge this view. We have reanalysed the published data on trachoma in relation to the most relevant indicators of water accessibility, using prevalence ratios as the single parameter for risk assessment. A definite trend emerges from this review: the incidence of infectious c...
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A simple grading system for trachoma, based on the presence or absence of five selected ”key” signs, has been developed. The method was tested in the field and showed good observer agreement, the most critical point being the identification of severe cases of the disease. It is expected that the system will facilitate the assessment of trachoma and its complications by non-specialist health personnel working at the community level.
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Purpose: This study aimed to present the methodology of the East Timor Eye Program and report the prevalence of eye disease seen at the National Eye Centre during a 3-month sample period between June and August 2012. Design: Two hundred ninety-three new patients aged 17 years or older were assessed at the National Eye Centre in Dili, Timor-Leste. Methods: All participants received a comprehensive dilated eye examination that included distance visual acuity measurements, indirect fundoscopy, and ...
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Abstract Cataract surgery is one of the most common procedures performed worldwide. It is also one of the oldest. Alongside advancements in cataract surgical techniques have been improvements in intraocular lens replacement technology. Cataract surgery may be considered among the most successful treatments in all of medicine. This article discusses the fascinating evolution of cataract surgery, from the earliest approach of couching to modern day phacoemulsification and lens replacement.
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AIM: To determine the perception and attitudes of a rural community regarding the etiology, prevention, and treatment of blindness in adults. METHODS: A cross-sectional, descriptive study was performed in a rural community in Kwara State, Nigeria using semi-structured questionnaire. All adults aged 40 years or older who were residents for a minimum of 6 months in the community were included. Data were collected on patient demographics, knowledge, attitude, perception, and use of the eye care fac...
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Rapid assessment of cataract blindness has been accepted as a robust tool to help planners in developing countries. Prevalence of cataract blindness can give important information about the impact of a cataract intervention programme. A study in this direction was carried out in Pulwama district of Jammu & Kashmir. Our results clearly showed that with the increase in age, the prevalence of bilateral cataract blindness increases manifold. However, gender did influence the prevalence of cataract i...
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En Afrique subsaharienne, tres peu d’etudes ont ete realisees sur les incapacites moderees a graves dans les domaines de la mobilite, de la communication et de la fonction mentale chez les personnes âgees vivant a domicile. Les etudes realisees n’ont pas toujours decrit le contexte social qui permet de comprendre leurs resultats. Cette etude est realisee au Burkina Faso pour combler les deficits d’informations scientifiques sur les incapacites dans ces domaines. Nous avons conduit une etude desc...
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INTRODUCAO: A falta da correcao optica recentemente foi reconhecida como importante causa de baixa visao e parece ser um problema facil de ser resolvido com o uso de oculos. No entanto, a falta da correcao optica e um problema complexo do seu diagnostico ao tratamento, envolvendo a procura e alcance da assistencia medica, alem da confeccao e uso dos oculos. OBJETIVOS: Determinar a frequencia da necessidade de correcao optica em escolares; determinar a influencia do absenteismo no estudo da frequ...
Nov 11, 2010 in EMBC (International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society)
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Non-invasive optical methods that enable in vivo or in situ visualization of tissue components are of particular relevance in ophthalmology, as they can provide key information about the relationship between the structure and function of the visual system. In this paper we present a semiautomated multimodal imaging tool for co-registration of images of retinal structure and its function, based on point correspondence. Decision support analysis was applied to define significant features for the m...
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Aim To determine the magnitude of visual impairment (VI) resulting from lens opacity/ cataract among a rural population in southwestern Nigeria. Method A population-based cross-sectional survey using a multistage sampling method to select subjects ≥50 years. Participants with pinhole visual acuity of ≤6/18 in their better eye, exclusively from lens opacity/cataract, were further examined by an ophthalmologist. Their level of VI was categorised using the International Classification of Disease te...
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Background: The 2004 tsunami focused unprecedented international aid and resources on Sri Lanka. Among other responses, a program delivered by volunteer optometrists enabled many local people to access eye examinations and spectacles for the first time. The data collected from the eye-care delivery program during 2005 are summarised in this report, as an evidence base for planning future eye-care interventions in these provinces or similar areas. Methods: A total of 96 eye clinics were conducted...
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