Structural Equation Modeling With Ωnyx

Published on Jan 2, 2015in Structural Equation Modeling3.638
· DOI :10.1080/10705511.2014.935842
Timo von Oertzen21
Estimated H-index: 21
(MPG: Max Planck Society),
Andreas M. Brandmaier17
Estimated H-index: 17
(MPG: Max Planck Society),
Siny Tsang14
Estimated H-index: 14
(UVA: University of Virginia)
Ωnyx is a free software environment for creating and estimating structural equation models (SEM). It provides a graphical user interface that facilitates an intuitive creation of models, and a powerful back end for performing maximum likelihood estimation of parameters. Path diagrams in Ωnyx can be exported to OpenMx, lavaan, and Mplus to allow an easy transition to script-based SEM software. Also, OpenMx scripts can be transformed into a path diagrams in Ωnyx. In addition to the graphical user interface, Ωnyx provides a maximum likelihood optimizer that finds multiple minima and does not require the user to provide starting values. To our knowledge, Ωnyx is the only SEM program that provides multiple optima. This article describes both the graphical and conceptual features of Ωnyx, including the optimization approach, and demonstrates two hands-on modeling examples.
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In the tropics, antagonistic seed predation networks may have different properties than mutualistic pollination and seed dispersal networks, but the former have been considerably less studied. We tested whether the structure of antagonistic tripartite networks composed of host plants, insects developing within seeds and fruits, and their insect parasitoids could be predicted from plant phylogenetic distance and plant traits. We considered subsets of the networks (‘subnetworks') at three rainfore...
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Last. Inge Seiffge-Krenke (University of Mainz)H-Index: 42
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OBJECTIVE To determine the treatment effect of psychodynamic therapy for adolescents in comparison to normative developmental progression in two groups without treatment: healthy adolescents and adolescents with juvenile diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In a 3-wave longitudinal study, n = 531 adolescents (n = 303 treated adolescents, n = 119 healthy, n = 109 with diabetes) and their parents filled out psychopathology questionnaires (Youth Self-Report [YSR] and Child Behaviour Checklist [CBC...
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Assessing the effect mentors have on their mentees is methodologically challenging: most programs merely provide relatively short mentoring durations (typically in the range of 1 year), age ranges are usually rather small, and examining dyads with anything other than questionnaires has proven to be challenging in the past. Thus, although some excellent causal studies do exist, in general causal research is limited in the field and studies are opened up to social desirability. Using a controlled ...