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#1Aber Elsaleiby (UIUC: University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign)
The aim of the current study is to enhance our understanding on how hospital’s structural quality and operational competence can influence the emergency outpatient visits. We use a large database acquired from the American Hospital Association. The database has state-wide data on several health care quality parameters of interest over an extended period of 17 years starting from 1994 till 2010 for all community hospitals in the US. (4,926 community hospitals). Structural quality is captured by a...
#2Gary J. Brunswick (NMU: Northern Michigan University)H-Index: 4
This article has been written as a theoretical guide for architectural and engineering firms to develop a strong services marketing plan for the geographic location in which it operates. It will outline a step by step approach to develop, administer, and utilize this services marketing approach. It will also outline the logic and understanding to support this claim.
#1Alexander James McSporran (KDI School of Public Policy and Management)
#2Yoon C. Cho (KDI School of Public Policy and Management)H-Index: 7
The aims of this study are to determine the influences of attitude formation, behavior, and satisfaction, with specific reference to the products of the food and beverage industry of Southeast Asia. This study employs the theoretical frameworks of the Theory of Planned Behavior and others to understand the psychological processes that take place between forming beliefs and actual consumption. The key findings reveal that consumers are influenced by both the traditional food attributes such as qu...
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#1H. Francis Bush (Lynchburg College)H-Index: 1
#2Vonda WalshH-Index: 3
Last. James C. Squire (Virginia Military Institute)H-Index: 8
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As enrollment in online courses increases faster than the overall enrollments in higher education, the differences in learning styles and academic disciplines need to be identified. Further, the focus on the demand for students pursuing degrees in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) has gained prominence in the past decade. An experiment was conducted to study the interaction of objective learning and subjective learning, objective learning and enjoyment, and subjective ...
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#1Gilbert Barrera (Texas A&M University–San Antonio)
#2Dennis Elam (Texas A&M University–San Antonio)H-Index: 1
This paper lays out a logical framework for the Accountant to assist a prosecutor in preparing a criminal case. It utilizes the example of an employee theft. It suggests analyzing what laws have been broken to establish an outline for the supporting documents. While the Accountant will likely understand the internal controls and employee training which will form the basis of the prosecution’s case, the lawyer will not be so familiar with the process. By laying out the legal case underpinned by t...
This paper covers service innovation for service scientists. The subject has not been accorded the attention it deserves, because of inadequate professional and academic attention to services, in general, and service design, in particular. The changing of one’s perception of the human landscape from products to services is indeed cumbersome and entails a lot of effort on the part of the service establishment and the service entrepreneur. However, a new view of an age-old agenda in light of the o...
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#1Loren Paul ReesH-Index: 18
#2Terry R. Rakes (VT: Virginia Tech)H-Index: 14
Last. Jason K. Deane (VT: Virginia Tech)H-Index: 9
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Baseball, like most other sports, has a set of tenets that began early and have survived virtually unquestioned. Modern analytics gives us an opportunity to examine some of these long-held tenets to see if they were founded on solid evidence. This research examines some common baseball wisdom through an initial study utilizing simulation. In particular, the profiles of several baseball teams are constructed and various factors are examined by simulating ten baseball seasons under various configu...
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#2Aristides R. Baraya (Southeastern Louisiana University)H-Index: 4
Last. Ligia BermudezH-Index: 1
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Costa Rica's economy like that of many developing and developed nations is largely service-based. The information and communication technologies (ICT) sector plays an increasingly key role in strengthening the service aspect of the economy. A large part of the ICT sector is the software sector. This study is an update of a review of that sector’s contributions conducted in 2008. In that effort, software producers’ characteristics and needs were investigated. The current article investigates the ...
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