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#1E. G. StokouH-Index: 1
#2Athanassios Vozikis (University of Piraeus)H-Index: 15
Last. G. P. Chondrocoukis (University of Piraeus)H-Index: 1
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Cost-sharing was introduced in Greece to supplement the state finance and social insurance funds and make patients cost-conscious. A questionnaire was distributed to 193 administrative personnel (response rate 96 per cent). The research was conducted from June 2011 to May 2012. Statistical analysis was performed using the Pearson x 2 test, the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, the t-test and the Mann-Whitney test at p<0.05 level of significance. 92 per cent of the respondents said that patients complied ...
#1Alex IlechieH-Index: 7
#2BS Boadi-KusiH-Index: 1
Last. EA OforiH-Index: 1
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Purpose : To evaluate post-operative visual outcomes after cataract surgeries performed at 2 tertiary referral hospitals in Ghana Methods : A retrospective consecutive case review of hospital –elective-cataract surgeries of all ages performed at two tertiary referral centers in Southern Ghana during a 3-year-period was carried out. Data was compiled on demographic characteristics, pre- and postoperative visual acuities and surgical complications. The preoperative and postoperative visual status ...
#1Y YusufariH-Index: 1
#2HV DoctorH-Index: 1
Last. IM SurajoH-Index: 1
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Purpose : This pilot study assessed the role of the motorcycle cinema (Majigi) scheme in empowering local community members with life-saving education to ultimately improve their well-being and survival. Methods : In December 2010, a total of 561 parents with children under 5 years viewed a polio routine immunization (RI) sensitization video across eight communities in Hadejia Local Government Area. The ‘pre-’ and ‘post-video-exposure’ periods were defined as the period before and after the view...
Purpose : The bark of E. utile is claimed in Nigerian traditional medicine to have antiulcer properties. We therefore tested its effectiveness in experimental acute gastric and duodenal ulcer models. Methods : Ulcers generated as lesions, from pin-point craters to larger eruptions, were quantified qualitatively for cold-restraint, immobilization, pylorus ligation, and aspirin induced gastric ulcers and for histamine or cysteamine induced duodenal ulcers. Ethanol or histamine induced hemorrhagic ...
#1OO OyeyipoH-Index: 1
#2CA IwujiH-Index: 1
Last. O OwhoeliH-Index: 1
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Purpose : To evaluate the mycotoxigenic potential of fungi associated with marketed pawpaw in South Southern Nigeria and the public health significance. Methods : Pawpaw fruits with lesions or rots were obtained from three different markets in three different states in South Southern Nigeria. Five genera of moulds (Rhizopus, Aspergillus, Fusarium, Curvularia and Trichoderma) were isolated and used for inoculation of sound pawpaw samples at two wound depths of 5 and 7mm with either single or pair...
#1OO OyeyipoH-Index: 1
#2O OwhoeliH-Index: 1
Last. CA IwujiH-Index: 1
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Purpose : To investigate the prevalence of bacteriospermia in male patients with clinically proven HIV/AIDS in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Methods : Using standard methods, sperm samples were collected by masturbation after 3 days of abstinence from 120 male patients with clinically diagnosed HIV/AIDS aged 18-57 with a mean age of 39.5; this included 65 single and 55 married men and analyzed for sperm quality and bacteriological profile. Results : Of the 120 patients tested, 90 (75%) had bacteriospe...
Purpose : To evaluate the impact of an educational intervention on antimalarial prescribing among internal medicine residents at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital. Methods : A sample of residents was given blank prescription orders to write prescriptions for uncomplicated malaria. This was followed the next day by educational intervention which focused on the World Health Organization’s ‘P Drug Concept’ using malaria as a case study. One week later, the initial survey was repeated. Basel...
#1HE ChimeH-Index: 1
#2JA EgenedeH-Index: 1
Last. JE AruteH-Index: 1
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Purpose : To determine the prevalence and predisposing factors of Neonatal Jaundice in a health-care facility in Delta State. Methods : 272 babies (aged 1 – 30 days) the Neonatal Clinic of the Department of Child Health, Central Hospital, Warri, Delta State between June 2009 and June 2010 were examined daily for evidence of jaundice. Those with serum bilirubin ³15mg/100ml were subjected to additional clinical and laboratory investigations to determine the predisposing/etiologic factors for jaund...
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