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After the preparation with few steps of the original bicyclic osidic scaffold of pyrimidino-pyranoside type, the exploration of the reactivity of the pyranose part allowed us to carry out different procedures for opening 4,6- O -benzylidene.
The present work is concerned with the subsequent liquid-liquid separation of Cu, Zn, and Cd compounds from Cu- sulfide cake prepared from the sulfate solution of Abu-Thor Gibbsite-bearing shale ore material. This ore was found assaying 0.014% of Cd, 0.5% of Cu, and 0.55% of Zn as the elements of interest, by using 25% of H 2 SO 4 null solution at a solid/liquid ratio of 1/3 reaction time of 90 min at a temperature of 80 null ◦C. About 96.5% of Cu (II), 99.3% of Cd (II), and 95.6% of Zn (II), re...
This work aims to prepare a new bimetallic phosphate catalyst using a new simple and effective method. This new catalyst was ready for the first time by a modification of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP) fertilizer with silver sulfate (AgSO 4 ), followed by the impregnation of the aluminum atoms using aluminum nitrate (Al(NO 3 ) 3 ). The use of Al/Ag 3 PO 4 , for the first time as a heterogeneous catalyst in organic chemistry, offers a new, efficient, and green pathway for synthesizing 1,2-dihydro-l...
A null null reverse phase HPLC method was developed for the determination of atorvastatin. The mobile phase involved for the separation was phosphate buffer and acetonitrile with a ratio of 10:1. The HPLC column C 18 null ODS hypersil column (250 mm×4.6 mm, 5 μm) was used and detected at 215 nm. The run time of the current method was 5 minutes with excellent specificity; no interferences were observed in the pharmaceutical dosage form. The process was validated according to ICH guidelines. The l...
Refill drinking water is a choice of drinking water, especially for the middle-income community due to the convenience and affordable price. Many studies in Indonesia reported that drinking water from drinking water refilling stations is less safe or contaminated by coliform. This study assessed the microbial and level of several heavy metals (Cadmium, chromium, and Lead) contamination on refill drinking water from drinking water refilling station in Bungus Teluk Kabung West Sumatera, Indonesia....
#1A. MahfoudH-Index: 1
#2Abdelali KerbalH-Index: 13
Last. Ghali Al Houari (SIDI)H-Index: 6
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New spiroisoxazolines 3 have been synthesized by 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of arylnitrile oxides with 2-arylidenes-3-phenyl-1-indanones. The reaction occurs in a regiospecific and diastereospecific manner and leads to one cycloadduct in all the cases. The proposed structure of the obtained cycloadducts was established based on spectroscopic data and confirmed by radiocrystallographic study. The spectral data were in favor of the observed regiochemistry and diastereoselectivity of this reaction.
#1François Kassi Kadjo (Université d'Abobo-Adjamé)
#2Sopi Thomas Affi (Université d'Abobo-Adjamé)H-Index: 2
Last. Nahossé Ziao (Université d'Abobo-Adjamé)H-Index: 3
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In this work, the ONIOM method, recognized for its effectiveness on large molecules, was used to determine the geometric, energetic, and spectroscopic parameters of hydrogen bond interactions of mycolactone C. Mycolactone C; one of the most virulent forms of toxin, found in Africa and Australia. It has eight (08) oxygen heteroatoms which are all hybridized sp 2 and sp 3 . Using quantum chemistry methods, at the ONIOM level (B3LYP/6-311+G (d, p): AM1), we have determined the preferential binding ...
The electrooxidation of amoxicillin (AMX) on the iridium oxide electrode thermally prepared (400°C) has been investigated by cyclic voltammetry and preparative electrolysis. Physical characterization by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) showed that the IrO 2 electrode has a rough surface with pores' presence. In cyclic voltammetry, the oxidation of AMX occurs directly at the anode's surface or via the higher degree oxide of iridium oxide (IrO 3 ). It is noted that the oxidation process of AMX c...
This work deals with a Quantitative Structure-Activity study against Plasmodium falciparum of a series of Azetidine-2-carbonitrile derivatives. Using the MLR and MNLR methods from excel and xlstat software, we have been able to develop two QSAR models based on molecular descriptors and plasmodial activity. Calculation level B3LYP/6-311 G (d, p) was used to determine molecular descriptors. The statistical indicators of the first model obtained by the MLR method are: the regression coefficient fou...
Urea (CO (NH) 2 ) is one of the compositions in making fertilizer. Fertilizer is crucial, especially for plant growth (affecting plant fertility). If a plant had urea fertilizer on the soil, nitrogen in the fertilizer releases quickly, and it will cause environmental pollution. Therefore, many studies want to develop urea fertilizer to be more efficient to use. The purpose of this review is to find the most appropriate method for the efficient use of urea as seen from the material used, the tech...
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