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We present a case study on the introduction of video assignments into Level 4 (year 1) and 6 (year 3) modules within a BSc Mathematics degree. The students were required to provide verbal explanations within a video about some written steps in their argument. We present the details of the assignments and assessment criteria. The introduction of the video assignments was evaluated through focus groups. We present a number of advantages and disadvantages from the students’ perspective when they co...
#1Davide Penazzi (UCLan: University of Central Lancashire)H-Index: 3
#2Charlotte Smith (UCLan: University of Central Lancashire)H-Index: 5
Building confidence is essential for qualified nurses undertaking numeracy assessments. This qualitative research study explores self-reported levels of confidence in nurses at various stages of the life-course, including when undertaking a numeracy test as part of the Community Practitioner Nurse Prescribing (CPNP) qualification. An hour-long, semi-structured focus group was conducted by the authors, and the resulting data was thematically analysed. The authors explored the experience of CPNP s...
#1Daniel Jones (University of Birmingham)H-Index: 1
#2J. C. Meyer (University of Birmingham)H-Index: 3
Last. Jingyu Huang (University of Birmingham)
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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to reconsider the way we teach our students. The inability of UK-based lecturers to deliver via traditional lecture-based courses in China (due to ongoing travel restrictions) has been an obstacle to overcome but also an opportunity to investigate innovative remote-teaching methods. Here we review a case study based on teaching three different year groups at the Jinan University - University of Birmingham Joint Institute during the early part of 2020. We refle...
In this paper we report on a pilot of resources to support students with dyslexia conducted at a university in Ireland. We give brief background to the development of these resources and describe the steps taken to pilot them in a mathematics support centre. We outline the feedback received from tutors and students, and close with observations on how the pilot outcomes may influence the future implementation of these and other similar resources.
#1Claire Cornock (SHU: Sheffield Hallam University)H-Index: 3
An assignment from Higher Education is presented within this paper as a case study of students generating their own examples whilst working in groups. The student perspective was gained through a questionnaire at the end of the assignment with each cohort over a three year period, which was completed by 123 students in total. The students provided insight on creating their own examples, as well as the group work aspect of the assignment. In particular, students indicated what they believe to be ...
In terms of the history of mathematics higher education, mathematics and statistics support (MSS) is a very recent development, existing as a formal feature for less than 50 years. However, in this short time, MSS has displayed its own characteristics. A particularly notable feature of MSS in the United Kingdom (and in other countries) has been the way in which practitioners have collaborated with each other, almost from the outset. This collaboration has led to the creation of a community (the ...
Due to Covid-19, mathematics support at Maynooth University transitioned from in-person to online over a very short period in March 2020. This paper provides a brief description of the technologies used by six tutors to facilitate this move. We outline why the tutors picked these technologies and how they used them. We also consider the issues tutors wanted to resolve and reflect on the outcomes of their experiences.
#1Tony Mann (University of Greenwich)H-Index: 4
A key component of any nursing course is the ability to confidently, and competently, use basic mathematical skills. Indeed, without such skills they would be unable to work safely and successfully in the profession (McMullan, Jones, and Lea, 2012; Choudhary and Malthus, 2017). Furthermore, many nursing students come on to their courses having not studied any form of formal mathematics for years and are very likely to have some form of maths anxiety (McMullan, Jones, and Lea, 2012). sigma Maths ...
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In fall of 2017, the Superintendent of Public Works for Kutztown Borough approached Kutztown University’s Department of Mathematics seeking help in “re-balancing” refuse collection routes in the Borough of Kutztown. Historically, refuse was collected two days a week on the south side (Mondays and Thursdays) of Main Street and two days a week on the north side (Tuesdays and Fridays) of Main Street. Wednesdays were used for recycling collection. Over the years, new housing development was primaril...
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