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#1Jeena Joseph (KREC: National Institute of Technology, Karnataka)
#2A. Sathyabhama (KREC: National Institute of Technology, Karnataka)
Inspired from the Humpback whale flipper, airfoils and wings incorporated with sinusoidal leading edge are much studied for their improved aerodynamic characteristics like delayed stall and higher lift in post-stall region. In this work, the performance of different swept wings equipped with leading edge tubercles is studied by comparing with their baseline models at a low Reynolds number of 100,000. Tubercles on swept wings can either be placed normal to leading edge or parallel to flow directi...
The experimental and numerical studies has been performed to investigate the flow and heat transfer from a round jet impingement to asymmetry concave surface. For this purpose, an asymmetric cylindrical surface with curvature radiuses of 8 and 12 cm, 8 and 24 cm has been considered. A silicon rubber heater applied uniform heat flux of 2000 W/m2 on the target plate. The different point temperature of the surface has been evaluated by an IR camera. The asymmetric distribution of Nusselt number is ...
In this study, a comprehensive mathematical analysis of the bulge test is presented. The geometry of the bulge test and the stress state that prevails in this test are very similar to the expanding thin wall sphere. These similarities may lead many users to confuse the interpretation of incremental change in the radius of the sphere as radial strain and consequently invalid analysis of the instability conditions. Therefore, in this study, emphasis is placed on how to properly use the equations t...
#1Vatsal Patel (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University)H-Index: 1
#2Rajesh Patel (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University)H-Index: 7
Last. Vivek Patel (Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University)H-Index: 26
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A Humidification-Dehumidification based water desalination system employs a phenomenon of phase change from saturated water vapour to water liquid in the dehumidifier for water desalination. Water vapour in the hot and humid air is condensed in the dehumidifier to provide fresh water, while air acts as a non-condensable gas. This study presents Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of condensation of water vapour present in humid air on a cold surface, using Wall Condensation Model in An...
#1Jalil Shaeri (TMU: Tarbiat Modares University)
#2Mahmood Yaghoubi (Shiraz University)H-Index: 26
Last. Amin Habibi (Shiraz University)H-Index: 3
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In recent decades, the louvers have been commonly used as shading devices in office buildings. This study is conducted in order to determine the optimum louver’s external angle of an office building from the aspect of solar heat gain and annual energy consumption. In this respect, a sample building with louvers shading devices in the south, east, and west facades was selected, and simulations were conducted by means of the DesignBuilder software for the three cities of Bushehr, Shiraz, and Tabri...
Nonlinear thermal stress analysis in a functionally graded hollow thick cylinders and spheres under the effect of high temperatures and temperature differences is considered by taking into account the material properties of the body both temperature dependent and radially graded, except Poisson’s ratio which is taken to be constant for simplicity. These conditions result in nonlinear governing differential equation that is adopted to solve numerically. The effect of the temperature-dependent mat...
Solution-treated 7075 Al alloy is subjected to equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) and subsequent aging treatment. Fatigue crack growth (FCG) behavior of the samples in three different states was then evaluated, namely as-received, post-ECAP naturally aged and post-ECAP artificially aged. Compared to the as-received one, it is found that ECAP and subsequent natural aging have led to a considerable increase in fatigue crack growth rate. Furthermore, FCG resistance is greater in the artificially...
#1Ran Ma (Jiangsu Normal University)
#2Cuong Minh Do (H.I., S.I.: University of Agriculture, Faisalabad)
This study aims to present a method for matching the stiffness and damping of a magneto-rheological (MR) air suspension system that will ensure optimal ride comfort of a road vehicle traveling on roads with different roughness and speeds. The authors study the matching of the damping coefficient with the damping ratio, and obtain the adjustment range of the damping coefficient. Based on the linearization of the air spring, a suspension model with adjustable stiffness and adjustable damping has b...
The Mooney–Rivlin hyperelastic model and Prony series viscoelastic constitutive model are used to verify the selected calculation parameters by finite element analysis compared with stress relaxation test data. Then, the ANSYS-PDS (ANSYS-probabilistic design system) module is used to analyze the sensitivity values of all random parameters to surface contact stress and the influence of hyperelastic and viscoelastic parameters on the surface contact stress relaxation. The results show that paramet...
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In recent years, latent heat storage systems have been received considerable attention as they can provide high thermal storage capacity and optimize energy consumption. Cascaded phase change materials (PCMs) are a significant strategy to manage the gap between energy supply and demand, especially in renewable thermal energy applications. This work is devoted to investigate the unsteady freezing process of cascaded latent heat thermal energy storage systems inside a channel under different force...
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