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#1Justin Korfhage (UM: University of Michigan)H-Index: 1
#2Mary E. Skinner (UM: University of Michigan)H-Index: 4
Last. David B. Lombard (UM: University of Michigan)H-Index: 47
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The diabetes drug canagliflozin extends lifespan in male mice. Since malignant neoplasms are the major cause of death in most mouse strains, this observation suggests that canagliflozin might exert anti-neoplastic effects in male mice. Here, we treated a mouse neoplasia model, the adenoma-prone Apc Min/+ strain, with canagliflozin, to test the effects of this drug on intestinal tumor burden. Surprisingly, canagliflozin increased the total area of intestine involved by adenomas, an effect most ma...
#1Chao Ren (Soochow University (Suzhou))H-Index: 2
#1Chao Ren (Soochow University (Suzhou))H-Index: 6
Last. Chun-Feng Liu (Soochow University (Suzhou))H-Index: 45
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Early-life stress (ELS) can cause long-term effects on human health, ranging from adolescence to adulthood, and even to gerontic. Although clinical retrospective data suggest that ELS may be related to senile neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease (PD), there are few prospective investigations to explore its real contribution to PD. Here, we investigated the behavioral, histochemistical, neuromorphological and transcriptional changes induced by maternal separation (MS), an ELS mo...
#1Jessica D. Faul (UM: University of Michigan)H-Index: 44
#2Minjung Kho (UM: University of Michigan)H-Index: 5
Last. Jennifer A. Smith (UM: University of Michigan)H-Index: 70
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Later life cognitive function is influenced by genetics as well as early- and later-life socioeconomic context. However, few studies have examined the interaction between genetics and early childhood factors. Using gene-based tests (iSKAT/iSKAT-O), we examined whether common and/or rare exonic variants in 39 gene regions previously associated with cognitive performance, dementia, and related traits had an interaction with childhood socioeconomic context (parental education and financial strain) ...
#1Laura Brunelli (Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research)H-Index: 12
#2Annalisa DavinH-Index: 12
Last. Roberta Pastorelli (Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research)H-Index: 25
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Frailty syndrome is an age-related condition involving a loss of resilience, susceptibility to adverse health outcomes and poor quality of life. This study was conducted in the framework of InveCe.Ab, an ongoing longitudinal population-based study. Plasma from 130 older individuals (older adults aged 76 to 78 years) was analysed and validated (on 303 subjects) using mass spectrometry-based metabolomics approaches. Equivalence tests showed that metabolites from the central cellular metabolic path...
#1Xiao-Bing Xiang (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)
#2Hao Chen (Anhui Medical University)
Last. Xin-Qi Cheng (Anhui Medical University)
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BACKGROUND Pre-operative administration of methylprednisolone reduced circulating markers of endothelial activation. This randomized, double-blind was to evaluate whether a single pre-operative dose of methylprednisolone reduced the rate of postoperative delirium (POD) in older patients undergoing gastrointestinal surgery, and its association with the shedding of endothelial glycocalyx markers. METHODS 168 patients, aged 65-80 years and scheduled for laparoscopic gastrointestinal surgery, were r...
#1Aladdin H. Shadyab (UCSD: University of California, San Diego)H-Index: 15
#2Linda K. McEvoy (UCSD: University of California, San Diego)H-Index: 66
Last. Brian H. Chen (UCSD: University of California, San Diego)H-Index: 30
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Background null Epigenetic age acceleration (AgeAccel), which indicates faster biological aging relative to chronological age, has been associated with lower cognitive function. However, the association of AgeAccel with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or dementia is not well-understood. We examined associations of four AgeAccel measures with incident MCI and dementia. null Methods null This prospective analysis included 578 older women from the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study selected for...
#1Virginie Chuy (French Institute of Health and Medical Research)
#2Mélissa Gentreau (University of Montpellier)H-Index: 1
Last. Catherine Féart (French Institute of Health and Medical Research)H-Index: 22
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Insulin resistance is a major mechanism involved in the onset of physical frailty (PF). Although rich carbohydrate diets may promote insulin resistance, few studies have examined their association with PF risk. This study aimed to investigate the spectrum of carbohydrate exposure, including carbohydrate intake (simple, complex, and total), glycemic load (measure of the diet-related insulin-demand), and adherence to a low-carbohydrate diet with the incident risk of PF in community-dwelling older ...
#1Rachel R. Deer (UTMB: University of Texas Medical Branch)H-Index: 12
#2Erin Hosein (UTMB: University of Texas Medical Branch)
Last. Elena Volpi (UTMB: University of Texas Medical Branch)H-Index: 67
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Background null Malnutrition and sarcopenia are a growing concern in community-dwelling older adults. Hospitalization increases the risk of malnutrition and leads to a decline in functional and nutritional status at discharge. Persistent malnutrition after hospital discharge may worsen post-hospital outcomes, including readmissions. The aim of this study was to determine dietary intakes and nutrient distribution patterns of community-dwelling older adults after acute hospitalization. null Method...
#1Jose Losa-Reyna (UCLM: University of Castilla–La Mancha)H-Index: 12
#2Julian Alcazar (UCLM: University of Castilla–La Mancha)H-Index: 12
Last. Francisco García-GarcíaH-Index: 27
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Background null The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship of lower-limb muscle power with mortality and hospitalization. null Methods null A total of 1928 subjects from the Toledo Study for Healthy Aging were included. Muscle power was assessed with the 5-repetition STS test and subjects were classified into different groups of relative power (i.e. normalized to body mass) according to sex-specific tertiles and their inability to perform the test. Mean follow-up periods for hosp...
#1Andrea M. Brennan (Translational Research Institute)
#2Robert A. Standley (Translational Research Institute)H-Index: 11
Last. Frederico G.S. Toledo (University of Pittsburgh)H-Index: 31
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BACKGROUND Aging-related disease risk is exacerbated by obesity and physical inactivity. It is unclear how weight loss and increased activity improve risk in older adults. We aimed to determine the effects of diet-induced weight loss with and without exercise on insulin sensitivity, VO2peak, body composition, and physical function in older obese adults. METHODS Physically inactive older (68.6 ± 4.5 years) obese (BMI 37.4 ± 4.9 kg/m 2) adults were randomized to: Health education control (HEC; n=2...
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