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Neuropeptide Y (NPY), a powerful neurotransmitter of the central nervous system, is a key regulator of angiogenesis and biology of adipose depots. Intriguingly, its peripheral vascular and angiogenic powerful activity is strictly associated to platelets, which are source of clinical hemoderivates, such as platelet lysate (PL), routinely employed in several clinical applications as wound healing, and to preserve ex vivo the progenitor properties of the adipose stromal cells pool. So far, the pres...
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OBJECTIVE: Treatment of wounds difficult to heal concerns 50% of the elderly population in Italy and is therefore an extreme relevance social burden. The present study shows how the treatment with autologous leuco-platelets reduces the healing time of wounds improving the functional recovery. PATIENTS AND METHODS: One hundred patients with ulcers of the legs were divided in two groups: 1) 50 patients treated with conventional therapies; 2) 50 patients treated with autologous leuco-platelet conce...
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New civil wars and waves of terrorism are causing crucial social changes, with consequences in all fields, including health care. In particular, skin injuries are evolving as an epidemic issue. From a physiological standpoint, although wound repair takes place more rapidly in the skin than in other tissues, it is still a complex organ to reconstruct. Genetic and clinical variables, such as diabetes, smoking, and inflammatory/immunological pathologies, are also important risk factors limiting the...
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Abstract Cervical carotid dissection is more common in extracranical vessel: internal carotid artery dissection (ICAD) is typical, vertebral artery dissection is uncommon, common carotid artery dissection (CCAD) is rare and even a more rare cause of ischemic stroke. Cervical artery dissections account up to 20-25% of ischemic strokes in young patients. Isolated and spontaneous common carotid artery dissection without aortic damage is unique. Indeed in the Literature 8 cases were identified. MRI ...
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A 45-year-old woman was referred to our service because 9 months earlier she had developed a pulsating mass on the right supraclavicular fossa and torticollis. Ultrasounds and computed tomographic arteriography showed the presence of a subclavian collateral artery aneurysm with a diameter of 21 mm. On selective arteriography, an aneurysm of a suprascapular artery arising directly from the right subclavian artery was reported. The presence of thoracic outlet syndrome was excluded. The aneurysm wa...
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Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the arterial wall characterized by endothelial dysfunction, and in which innate and adaptive immune responses have a crucial role. Autoimmune reactions against several self molecules and modified self molecules have been identified in patients with atherosclerotic disease. Oxidative stress, increasingly reported in these patients is the major event causing protein structural modifications, thus inducing the appearance of neo/cryptic epitopes. ...
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#1Elisabetta Profumo (ISS: Istituto Superiore di Sanità)H-Index: 27
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Last. Rachele Riganò (ISS: Istituto Superiore di Sanità)H-Index: 31
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Atherosclerosis is a chronic inflammatory disease of the arterial wall associated with autoimmune reactions. In a previous study, we observed the presence of actin-specific antibodies in sera from patients with carotid atherosclerosis. To extend our previous results we evaluated the possible role of actin as antigenic target of cell-mediated immune reactions in carotid atherosclerosis. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) from 17 patients and 16 healthy subjects were tested by cell prolifer...
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AIM: Inflammation plays a crucial role in the progression of atherosclerotic plaques. The aim of the present study was to investigate phenotypic and functional characteristics of plaque-infiltrating T lymphocytes associated with a complicated phenotype of carotid atherosclerotic lesions. METHODS: Atherosclerotic plaques were obtained from 17 patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy and cultured to isolate infiltrating T lymphocytes. Blood samples were obtained from patients and from 20 sex- an...
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