Tarek Allam
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Ultimate tensile strengthFerrite (iron)Composite materialMetallurgyMaterials scienceCorrosionWeathering steelManganesePrecipitation (chemistry)Microstructure
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Abstract null null The continuous casting behavior of medium manganese steels (MMnS: 6Mn, 6Mn–1Si, 6Mn–1Si–1Al, 10Mn–1Si and 10Mn–1Si–1Al) have been investigated and compared with unalloyed carbon steel C30. A series of in-situ melting/re-solidification hot tensile tests were conducted in the temperature range 800–1450 °C. The corresponding tensile forces and ductility parameters were monitored. Differential thermal analysis (DTA) was applied to determine the liquidus temperatures. The solidifie...
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This work investigated the effect of friction stir welding (FSW) tool rotation rate and welding speed on the grain structure evolution in the nugget zone through the thickness of the 10 mm thick AA5083/AA5754 weldments. Three joints were produced at different combinations of FSW parameters. The grain structure and texture were investigated using electron backscattering diffraction (EBSD). In addition, both the hardness and tensile properties were investigated. It was found that the grain size va...
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Abstract A silver shell‑copper core coating was applied on additively manufactured (AM) AlSi10Mg alloy to improve the electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance, surface roughness and indentation hardness. Surface microstructure evolution and roughness of the AM alloy, i.e. as-built, during the subsequent processes, such as heat treatment, shot peening and Ag Cu coating, were comprehensively characterized using secondary electron imaging in a scanning electron microscope and a scanning laser ...
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Abstract This paper discusses the avoidance of hydrogen embrittlement (HE) in a medium manganese stainless steel X20CrNiMnVN18-5-10. We adopted a HE-mitigation strategy that relies on improving its intrinsic resistance to hydrogen by adjusting an ultrafine microstructure (∼1.3 µm) containing a significant amount of nano-sized V- and Cr-based precipitates in the size range of 20 - ≥200 nm. The precipitation state was characterized using a high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscope....
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