Julie C. Ogbulezie
Space (mathematics)EconomicsMarketingTetragonal crystal systemWork (electrical)Materials scienceCondensed matter physicsConduction bandBandwidth (computing)Ideal (ethics)RutileResource allocationDielectric functionPublic relationsProcess (engineering)VotingDemocracyAbsorption (electromagnetic radiation)Simulation software
Publications 2
In this paper, the optical properties of α-MgH2, in rutile structure, i.e., space group ( ) in tetragonal system, have been discussed. The theoretical background of the relation between the dielectric function and other optical constants has been presented. The real and the imaginary parts of the dielectric function have also been investigated. The effects of the exchange-correlation potentials employed (GGA and GGA+U), on the absorption peaks and edges of this compound have, also, been discusse...
Voting is an act of democracy. Citizens are given the opportunity to voice their opinions by voting. Involving technology will enhance the process by ensuring that every citizen irrespective of his/her abilities or disabilities can exercise such rights. This research work seeks to bring to fore the full benefits of implementing complete eElection in Nigeria and also using an M/G/S based simulation software predicted the bandwidth as well as resource allocation for an effective conduct of e-votin...
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