Guo-Qun Chen
Wuhan Institute of Technology
Visible spectrumTerahertz radiationPhase (waves)Optical rectificationMaterials sciencePotassium titanyl phosphateOptoelectronicsCrystalWave equationAbsorption (electromagnetic radiation)
Publications 1
#3Shun Wang (WIT: Wuhan Institute of Technology)
Highly efficient terahertz (THz) wave sources based on difference frequency generation (DFG) process in nonlinear optical crystals play an important role for the applications of THz wave. In order to find more novel nonlinear crystals, here we theoretically investigate the generation of THz wave using the isomorphs of periodically poled \mathrm{KTiOPO_4}(PPKTP), including periodically poled RTP, KTA, RTA and CTA. By solving the cascaded difference frequency coupled wave equations, it is found...