Yuan-Yuan Zhang
Anhui Agricultural University
Surface plasmon resonanceQuenching (fluorescence)Serum albuminBioavailabilityStereoselectivityChemistryHuman serum albuminAffinitiesSpectroscopyStereochemistry
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#1Shi-Yu Liu (AAU: Anhui Agricultural University)
#2Yuan-Yuan Zhang (AAU: Anhui Agricultural University)
Last. Guan-Hu Bao (AAU: Anhui Agricultural University)
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Abstract null null Formation of catechins-human serum albumin (HSA) complex contributes to stably transporting catechins and regulating their bioavailability. Recently, a new class of catechins namely flavoalkaloids have been reported from tea. The unique structural modification with an N-ethyl-2-pyrrolidinone ring at catechins from these flavoalkaloids has raised our interest in their HSA binding affinity. Thus, we investigated the interaction between HSA and flavoalkaloids by molecular docking...