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During the underground coal gasification process, a large amount of heat will be released, causing the surrounding rock in the goaf to undergo a high-temperature baking process. Therefore, it is essential to study the pyrolysis characteristics and mechanism of rocks. In this paper, the red sandstone in Linyi city of China is taken as an example. According to the results of thermogravimetric analysis in argon and air, the thermokinetic parameters are calculated by non isothermal pyrolysis kinetic...
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Abstract null null Liquid nitrogen (LN2) ultra-low temperature fracturing technology has broad application prospects in the storage and transformation of geothermal wells. Therefore, it is of great significance to investigate the fracture toughness of granite samples after elevated temperature treatment and LN2 cooling. In this paper, the Cracked Straight Through Brazilian Disc (CSTBD) granite specimen was heat-treated at different temperatures to study the mode-I fracture toughness of granite a...
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With the increase in global energy demand, people pay more and more attention to the development and utilization of unconventional oil and gas. Organic-rich shale is often considered as the source rock of unconventional oil and gas, and its physical properties will change greatly under the action of high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze and study the physical properties changes and reasons before and after high-temperature heat treatment. Taking the organic-rich shale of Niutit...
A set of thick, black organic shale is developed at the bottom of the Chang 7 accumulation, an important oil-producing section of the Triassic Yanchang Formation in Ordos Basin. In this paper, the thermogravimetric (TG) behaviour of different organic-rich shale layers is studied in an argon environment. Changes in activation energy (E) are analysed by the Coats-Redfern kinetic method, and thermodynamic characteristics at different temperature stages are clarified. The TG curve of Chang 7 shale d...
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Abstract Microwave assisted mechanical rock breaking is a hybrid rock breaking method that combines microwave heating and mechanical rock breaking technologies and is proven to have potential applications in mineral processing, mining, and geotechnical engineering. It is, thus, important to understand the effect of microwave-induced damage on rock fracture characteristics. In this study, granite specimens of the Cracked Straight Through Brazilian Disc (CSTBD) were used to carry out the mode I fr...
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