Tian Yang
Xi'an University of Science and Technology
Liquid nitrogenGeothermal gradientDigital image correlationIsothermal processDeformation (engineering)Oil shaleTotal organic carbonComposite materialThermal conductionAcoustic emissionMaterials scienceMineralogyThermalDecrepitationQuartzPyrolysisAtmospheric temperature rangeChemical engineeringFracture (geology)MicrowaveExothermic reactionOrganic matterArgonCrystalFracture mechanicsThermogravimetric analysisBound waterBendingStress (mechanics)Activation energyFracture toughness
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Abstract Microwave assisted mechanical rock breaking is a hybrid rock breaking method that combines microwave heating and mechanical rock breaking technologies and is proven to have potential applications in mineral processing, mining, and geotechnical engineering. It is, thus, important to understand the effect of microwave-induced damage on rock fracture characteristics. In this study, granite specimens of the Cracked Straight Through Brazilian Disc (CSTBD) were used to carry out the mode I fr...