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Introduction: Bacteriophage plaque enumeration is a critical step in a wide array of protocols. The current gold standard for plaque enumeration on Petri dishes is through manual counting. This approach is time-intensive, has low-throughput, is limited to Petri dishes which have a countable number of plaques, and can have variable results upon recount due to human error. Methods: We present OnePetri, a collection of trained machine learning models and open-source mobile application for the rapid...
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ABSTRACT null Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs) including Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) are characterized by chronic and debilitating gut inflammation. Altered bacterial communities of the intestine are strongly associated with IBD initiation and progression. The gut virome, which is primarily composed of bacterial viruses (bacteriophages, phages) is thought to be an important factor regulating and shaping microbial communities in the gut. While alterations in the gut virome ...
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#1Michael Shamash (McGill University)H-Index: 1
#2Corinne F. Maurice (McGill University)H-Index: 16
#2Michael ShamashH-Index: 1
Last. Corinne F. MauriceH-Index: 16
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Many bacteria carry bacteriophages (bacterial viruses) integrated in their genomes in the form of prophages, which replicate passively alongside their bacterial host. Environmental conditions can lead to prophage induction; the switching from prophage replication to lytic replication, that results in new bacteriophage progeny and the lysis of the bacterial host. Despite their abundance in the gut, little is known about what could be inducing these prophages. We show that several medications, at ...
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