Pengfei Wu
Taiyuan University of Technology
Interface (computing)Distribution (mathematics)Work (thermodynamics)Deformation (engineering)Strain energyShape optimizationDesign spaceComputer scienceTracking (particle physics)Structural engineering
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#1Leilei Chen (Xinyang Normal University)
#1Leilei Chen (Xinyang Normal University)H-Index: 11
Last. Haojie Lian (TUT: Taiyuan University of Technology)H-Index: 13
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This paper simulates the propagation of hydraulic fractures under constant fluid pressure using the isogeometric analysis based on boundary element methods (BEM) i.e. the so called isogeomtric BEM. Due to the seamless integration between computer aided design (CAD) and numerical analysis, the isogeomtric BEM eliminates the meshing procedure and geometric errors, and explicitly parametrizes the crack propagation path. Graded knot insertion near the crack tip is used to effectively capture the str...
#1Haojie Lian (TUT: Taiyuan University of Technology)
#1Haojie Lian (TUT: Taiyuan University of Technology)
Last. Pengfei Wu (TUT: Taiyuan University of Technology)
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We applied a shape optimization algorithm based on an explicit interface tracking method to optimize underground caverns. The objective chosen in the present work is to minimize the strain energy. The algorithm can search the optimized solution in a large design space automatically, achieve large-scale shape deformation, and obtain smooth boundaries in the optimized shapes. Through the numerical examples, we verify the feasibility of the method applied in the underground cavern optimization, and...