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The extensive use of petro-based plastics, lack of suitable waste management and casual behaviour of communities to their proper disposal has posed a significant threat to the environment. Currently, single-use petro-based plastics are being banned all over the world due to their inherent non-degradability and problems with disposal. Worldwide, these bans have proved an impetus for increasing research on bio-based polymers as a substitute for conventional plastics. Use of greener or biodegradabl...
Nowadays when conventional plastic is being looked as a menace, the possibility of it being replaced with polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) which are biodegradable, environment friendly and biocompatible thermoplastics is not remote. PHAs are a fascinating group of biopolyesters stored within the cytoplasm of numerous bacterial cells as energy and carbon reserves. PHAs signify the best promising biological substitute to certain conventional petrochemical plastics which have wide range of applications...
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