Zhenwei Deng
Ocean University of China
Self-healing hydrogelsWarburg effectCancerBiocompatible materialNanoparticleNanotechnologyNanocarriersChemistryMicrosphereImmunotherapyImmunogenic cell deathCancer vaccineChitosanDrug deliveryCancer immunotherapyImmune checkpointImmunogenicityAntimicrobialCancer researchPolymerMonoclonal antibodyMedicineFood packagingImmune system
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Abstract In recent years, with the continuous development of cancer immunotherapy, the strategy of human beings against cancer has undergone tremendous changes. Among them, immune checkpoint inhibitors based on the immune "brake" mechanism, as an indispensable part of immunotherapy, have brought new dawn to cancer treatment. Humans have developed a variety of monoclonal antibodies against CTLA-4 and PD-1/PD-L1, which have shown significant therapeutic effects on various cancers, especially melan...
#1Cong-Shan Yuan (Ocean University of China)H-Index: 1
#2Zhenwei Deng (Ocean University of China)H-Index: 1
Last. Ya Liu (Ocean University of China)H-Index: 21
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Abstract The past several years have witnessed the blooming of emerging immunotherapy, as well as their therapeutic potential in remodeling the immune system. Nevertheless, with the development of biological mechanisms in oncology, it has been demonstrated that hypoxic tumor microenvironment (TME) seriously impairs the therapeutic outcomes of immunotherapy. Hypoxia, caused by Warburg effect and insufficient oxygen delivery, has been considered as a primary construction element of TME and drawn t...
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Marine-derived chitosan has been widely examined for its use in developing biomedical materials. Not only is it non-toxic, biocompatible, and degradable, it has also shown unique antimicrobial properties. The antimicrobial properties of chitosan are restricted by neutral and physiological conditions because it is insoluble in water and its pKa values is 6.5. One solution to this problem is to graft chemically modified groups onto the backbone of chitosan. The aim of this paper is to review the m...
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