Omar Kamil Dahham Alazzawi
University of Anbar
Electrical engineeringLow voltageElectric power transmissionPower (physics)VoltageWork (electrical)ReactanceSet (abstract data type)Variable (computer science)Power-flow studyLine (geometry)SoftwareTransient (oscillation)Electric powerComputer sciencePower factorControl theoryElectric power systemSimulation software
Publications 2
#1Mustafa Ahmed Nayyef (University of Anbar)
#2Yasir Abdulhafedh Ahmed (University of Anbar)
Last. Omar Kamil Dahham Alazzawi (University of Anbar)
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#1Omar Kamil Dahham Alazzawi (University of Anbar)
#2Mustafa Ahmed Nayyef (University of Anbar)
Last. Yasir Abdulhafedh Ahmed (University of Anbar)
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The power flow in power system can be controlled in an effective method by using FACTS devices through transmission lines. Distributed FACTS represent a new way to overcome these drawbacks. They are cost-effective, light weighted, higher performance and minimization of environmental impact. They are placed in a distribution method and in selected lines in the network according to line flow stability indices based on load flow calculations. In this paper, distributed static series compensator (DS...
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