Saja Nasir
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During the revolution of developing mobile phone applications, they can be used in different fields like business, health, transportation, communications and tourism, and other uses. This paper presents QR based information management system for plants shopping centers. This system includes two main sides: mobile and server. The proposed application is used as a substitute for the human guide that each visitor needs in the plants shopping center. The complete information can be provided on any s...
The rapid development of mobile phone technologies in recent years promoted them for being used in various areas of life, such as commercial, health, transportation and tourism and other uses. In this paper, a software engineering based fault tolerance model is proposed to manage the expected faults in the adopted servers. The underlying QR based information system in plants shopping center employs different local serves allocated at local shops that are connected to the main server. In a fault ...
It is well known that the development in the life style requires a robust enhancement in the provided services based on technologies. This paper suggests a mobile application under android environment that manages the information and sale systems regarding plants shop. The proposed application uses the Quick Response (QR) codes as identification of an object (plant). The proposed system includes two parts: server and client. The server side contains the most software application, such as databas...