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Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are one of the most studied nanosystems with great potential for biomedical applications, including cancer therapy. Although some gold-based systems have been described, the use of green and faster methods that allow the control of their properties is of prime importance. Thus, the present study reports a one-minute microwave-assisted synthesis of fucoidan-coated AuNPs with controllable size and high antitumoral activity. The NPs were synthesized using a fucoidan-enric...
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Abstract Background Metabolomic strategies have been extensively used to search for biomarkers of disease, including cancer, in biological complex mixtures such as cells, tissues and biofluids. In breast cancer research, murine models are of great value and metabolomics has been increasingly applied to characterize tumor or organ tissues, or biofluids, for instance to follow-up metabolism during cancer progression or response to specific therapies. Scope of review This review briefly introduces ...
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