Rajinder Singh
Sleep in non-human animalsPsychiatryExtraversion and introversionType A and Type B personality theoryHamilton Anxiety Rating ScaleContact dermatitisDepression (differential diagnoses)Beck Depression InventoryPsychoticismType 2 Diabetes MellitusLife styleObesityAnxietyClinical psychologyMedicineNeuroticism
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Introduction: The relationship between skin and the brain exists due to more than a fact, that the brain, as the center of psychological functions, and the skin, has the same ectodermal origin and are affected by same hormones and neurotransmitters. Aims: A) To find out the correlation of socio-demographic factors in contact dermatitis patients if any, B) To find out the prevalence of depression, anxiety and neuroticism in contact dermatitis patients as compared to normal controls. Materials and...
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