Rodrigo Sá de Jesus
State University of Santa Cruz
Matrix (chemical analysis)Detection limitElectrochemical cellBiosensorElectrodeChemistryAuxiliary electrodeSkimmed milkMaterials scienceHybrid materialCarbon paste electrodeCyclic voltammetryLactoseLactaseVoltammetryPotentiostatReference electrodeChemical engineeringChromatographyCarbonCarbon nanotubeElectrochemistryRedoxWorking electrode
Publications 4
Saponins are bioactive compounds belonging to the secondary metabolism of plants widely used for their beneficial actions to human health. In this work the association of the saponin from Glycyrrhiza glabra with a matrix of multi-walled carbon nanotubes was promoted to obtain a composite material with improved functional characteristics. For this investigation, chemically modified electrodes (CME) based on carbon paste were developed. Firstly, a carbon paste electrode (CPE) modified with the add...
Last. Marcelo FrancoH-Index: 17
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Abstract In this work, an electrochemical approach for the quantitative detection of lactose in skimmed milk was proposed. To this end, a biosensor was developed from the immobilization of the enzyme lactase in the carbon nanotube matrix-carbon paste base. The paste from this association is deposited in the lower cavity of the working electrode, which together with the reference and auxiliary electrodes form the electrochemical cell operated from a potentiostat. The sensitivity and detection lim...
Last. Marcelo Franco (UCSC: University of California, Santa Cruz)H-Index: 17
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The variety of products derived from milk, without or with lactose, encourages the development of more effective analytical techniques that can be applied to the quality control of both the production line and the final products. Thus, in this work an efficient and minimally invasive method for the detection of lactose was proposed, using a biosensor containing the enzyme lactase (LAC) immobilised on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) that, when reacting with lactose, emit an electrochemical signal. This b...
Last. Vinicius Câmara CostaH-Index: 12
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