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This investigation was aimed to develop and evaluate lipid nanoemulsion-based gel of finasteride for topical administration, to increase drug availability into the skin for a long duration and to improve the in vivo potential of finasteride against alopecia. Nanoemulsion was prepared by a high-speed homogenization method using Vit E oil, cholesterol, and soya lecithin, characterized, and thickened using guar gum (nanoemulgel). Nanoemulgel was evaluated for pH, viscosity, drug release, skin perme...
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Abstract Purpose We aimed to develop Squalene integrated NLC based carbopol 940 and HEC gel of tamoxifen citrate to increase lipid and moisture content of skin and to create a local drug depot in skin for improved efficacy against psoriasis. Methods: NLC was prepared by emulsification-cum-solidification method using high speed homogenizer, characterized and transformed to viscous gel having pH as similar as skin and smooth texture. Results and discussion: Developed gel showed the slow drug relea...
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