Fatema Matkawala
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Proteolytic enzymes hold a pivotal position in numerous industrial processes where hydrolysis of protein molecules is required under precise conditions. The emerging trend of biotechnological applications in recent years has witnessed a renewed interest in alkaline serine proteases extending their utility in detergent, leather, textile, food and pharmaceutical industries. A variety of microorganisms have been reported to produce alkaline serine proteases on a large scale, however, extensive rese...
#6Anil KumarH-Index: 8
#3Anil KumarH-Index: 8
Abstract Alkaline proteases find extensive applications ranging from detergent industries to therapeutics due to their broad alkaline range activity. The present work describes the first report on optimization of alkaline protease production from Neocosmospora sp. N1 and explores its utility in detergent and leather industries. Wheat bran was found to be a suitable substrate for protease production under solid state fermentation amongst several low cost agro-based materials used in this study. P...
Abstract Alkaline proteases have several industrial applications. In the present study, newly isolated Neocosmospora sp. N1 was screened as hyper producer of serine protease. A multimeric protease of the fungus was purified to homogeneity till 96.78 fold purification with 22.51% recovery. The homogeneity of purified enzyme was checked by native PAGE and its molecular weight was found to be 198.03 kDa by MALDI-TOF. On SDS-PAGE analysis, enzyme was found to be a hetero oligomer of 17.66 kDa and 20...
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