Diego Cavalli
Materials scienceGadolinium EOB DTPANuclear medicineTexture (crystalline)
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#2Riccardo NegrelliH-Index: 10
Last. Roberto Pozzi-MucelliH-Index: 21
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Poster: "ECR 2017 / C-1913 / DWI before and after Gadolinium-EOB-DTPA administration: modifications of ADC maps evaluated with texture analysis." by: "D. Cavalli1, R. Negrelli1, G. A. Zamboni1, E. Boninsegna1, A. J. Cybulski1, S. Tambalo2, R. Pozzi-Mucelli1; 1Verona/IT, 2Rovereto/IT"
#2Giulia ZamboniH-Index: 23
Last. Roberto Pozzi MucelliH-Index: 38
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