Arundhasa Chandrabalan
Hull York Medical School
Binding siteMutantTransient receptor potential channelMutagenesisHEK 293 cellsAnkyrinChemistryCalcium signalingFlufenamic acidStereochemistry
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The transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) channel is a non-selective cation channel, which detects noxious stimuli leading to pain, itch and cough. However, the mechanism(s) of channel modulation by many of the known, non-reactive modulators has not been fully elucidated. N-cinnamoylanthranilic acid derivatives (CADs) contain structural elements from the TRPA1 modulators cinnamaldehyde and flufenamic acid, so it was hypothesized that specific modulators could be found amongst them and m...
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