Min Jung Jung
Kosin University Gospel Hospital
RadiologyMagnetic resonance imagingGreat vesselsEsophagusMediastinumMalignancyMediastinal fibrosisSuperior vena cavaFibrosing mediastinitisMedicine
Publications 1
#1Hee Kang (Kosin University Gospel Hospital)
#2Min Jung Jung (Kosin University Gospel Hospital)
Abstract Fibrosing mediastinitis is an uncommon benign disorder in which a chronic inflammatory reaction results in diffuse fibrosis of the mediastinum, potentially compromising the airways, great vessels and other mediastinal structures. Herein we describe a progressive course of fibrosing mediastinitis in a 72-year-old man. Computed tomography images depicted a diffuse, infiltrative, soft tissue mass involving the esophagus and superior vena cava in the mediastinum. Magnetic resonance imaging ...
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