Benjamin C. Marchi
Northwestern University
DissipationBallistic limitNanomaterialsNanoparticleComposite materialThin filmMaterials sciencePitch angleNanocelluloseContext (language use)Material propertiesNanoscopic scaleFiberMechanicsMolecular dynamicsMicrostructureNanocomposite
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Uniaxially arranged nanocomposite structures are common across biological materials. Through efficient structural ordering and hierarchies, these materials exhibit stiffnesses and strengths comparable to the better of their constituents. While much is known regarding the mechanical properties of materials with explicit stiff and compliant phases, substantially less is understood about neat (matrix-free) materials composed from high aspect ratio particles. A promising example of nanoparticle asse...
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#2Benjamin C. Marchi (NU: Northwestern University)H-Index: 1
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The Bouligand structure features a helicoidal (twisted plywood) layup of fibers that are uniaxially arranged in-plane and is a hallmark of biomaterials that exhibit outstanding impact resistance. Despite its performance advantage, the underlying mechanisms for its outstanding impact resistance remain poorly understood, posing challenges for optimizing the design and development of bio-inspired materials with Bouligand microstructures. Interestingly, many bio-sourced nanomaterials, such as cellul...
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