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Photonics integration is a key technology for realizing large-scale photonic quantum information processing. We demonstrate state-of-art reconfigurable photonic processors based on low-loss silicon nitride waveguide networks. We present the science behind such a processor, which consists of a large mesh of integrated reconfigurable Mach Zehnder interferometers. In this talk, we will present the newest results of the current generation of our programmable quantum photonic processors obtained by c...
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Last. Jelmer J. RenemaH-Index: 20
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Photonic processors are pivotal for both quantum and classical information processing tasks using light. In particular, linear optical quantum information processing requires both largescale and low-loss programmable photonic processors. In this paper, we report the demonstration of the largest universal quantum photonic processor to date: a low-loss, 12-mode fully tunable linear interferometer with all-to-all coupling based on stoichiometric silicon nitride waveguides.
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#2Ben Kassenberg (MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology)H-Index: 1
Josephson junctions are the basis for the most sensitive magnetic flux detectors, the definition of the unit volt by the Josephson voltage standard, and superconducting digital and quantum computing. Since the physics of Josephson junctions relies solely on the existence of two coupled coherent quantum states, its predictions are highly universal and can be observed in systems as diverse as coupled superconductors, superfluids, atomic Bose-Einstein condensates, and exciton polariton condensates....
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