Chen Hu
University of Minnesota
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Abstract null null Three-point bending experiments were performed to observe mode-I fracture in a series of geometrically similar, center-notched rectangular beams composed of Sioux quartzite, a stiff, hard rock with flexural tensile strength σt = 32 MPa. Acoustic emission (AE) were recorded and microcrack locations were determined to track crack growth. Digital image correlation (DIC) was used to augment the acoustic emission data. Detailed observations indicate that (i) subsize specimens of Si...
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Abstract Acoustic emission (AE) and digital image correlation were used to monitor mode I fracture in center notch and smooth boundary specimens. The AE source was characterized as a microcrack and represented by the moment tensor, which was obtained by minimizing the error between displacements calculated from an elastodynamic solution and those measured, subjected to the constraint of a microcrack source. Results showed that microcracking was locally mixed-mode dominant because of oblique micr...
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Last. Joseph F. LabuzH-Index: 32
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