Elielma A. Prazeres
State University of Santa Cruz
MicelleCircular dichroismDynamic light scatteringAqueous solutionChemistryCombinatorial chemistryPeptideDrug deliveryAmphiphileZeta potential
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#2Elielma A. Prazeres (UCSC: University of California, Santa Cruz)H-Index: 1
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Triblock copolymers, such as Pluronic F127 (F127), are pharmaceutically important amphiphilic compounds that self-assemble in aqueous solution either as discrete or entangled micelles, depending on their concentration and temperature, which may function as drug delivery vehicle. Herein, we have synthesized the antimicrobial peptide tritrpticin (TRP3), a tryptophan (Trp)- and arginine (Arg)-rich peptide, sequence VRRFPWWWPFLRR, with a broad spectrum of action against bacteria and fungi, to invest...
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