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In part four of this series on reflection, John Fowler provides practical advice on how to develop and practise reflection.
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Background Effective communication is a core skill for professionals. Skilled communication is also regarded as one of the key domains of leadership that doctors should develop. Postgraduate training in communication skills is not embedded within training programmes other than GPs. This pilot study examines the feasibility and outcomes of communications skills training for doctors in their Core Medical Training. Methods Doctors completed a pre and post training questionnaire at three months to r...
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Aims and Objectives: In 1995, students in the UK identified five characteristics of a good mentor. After 14 years, the author repeated the study to investigate whether students still identify the same characteristics of a good mentor. Design: Cross-sectional descriptive study. Methods: The study was conducted in the UK, USA and Jordan to validate the previous study in countries with different cultures and different mentorship systems. After ethical approval was granted, a structured questionnair...
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Aim: To review lecturers’ and students’ perceptions of the factors that may lead to attrition from pre-registration nursing and midwifery programmes and to identify ways to reduce the impact of such factors on the student’s experience. Background: Comparable attrition rates for nursing and midwifery students across various universities are difficult to monitor accurately; however, estimates that there is approximately a 25% national attrition rate are not uncommon. The financial and human implic...
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This article evaluates an evidenced-based framework for the development of joint appointment posts by reflecting on the lived experience. It uses an action science philosophy that acknowledges the development of actionable knowledge from the integration of theory and practice. At the same time the lived experience of setting up a joint appointment post is evaluated using the same evidenced-based framework. The actionable knowledge generated confirms the importance of articulating vision at strat...
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#1John Fowler (DMU: De Montfort University)H-Index: 4
: This article outlines solution-focused clinical supervision, which offers a simple yet profound philosophy and structure for the supervisory relationship. This format assumes that the supervisee has the answers within her or himself and that focusing on her or his effective patterns of behaviour uncovers this. This is a summary: the full paper and reference list can be accessed at
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#1John Fowler (DMU: De Montfort University)H-Index: 4
The organization of clinical supervision within the nursing profession: a review of the literature There is a considerable amount of literature available on the subject of supervision within the nursing profession However, there appears to be little structure regarding how this subject is organized within the professional literature Thus, although the subject of supervision appears within the nursing literature as a fairly consistent theme, there has been little or no attempt by the profession t...
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