Jane Maria Faulstich de Paiva
Federal University of São Carlos
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Phenolic and lignophenolic (40% sugarcane bagasse lignin/phenol w/w) pre-polymers were synthesized to produce thermoset matrices composites, using sugarcane bagasse as reinforcing agent. This lignocellulosic material was modified by chemical and/or physical methods (alkali treatment, esterification, ionized air). Sugarcane bagasse showed a small improvement in impact strength for both phenolic and lignophenolic matrices. The surface treatment methods improved dispersion as well as adhesion betwe...
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Lignin, extracted from sugarcane bagasse by the organosolv process, was used as a partial substitute of phenol (40 w/w) in resole phenolic matrices. Short sugarcane fibers were used as reinforcement in these polymeric matrices to obtain fiber-reinforced composites. Thermoset polymers (phenolic and lignophenolic) and related composites were obtained by compression molding and characterized by mechanical tests such as impact, differential mechanical thermoanalysis (DMTA), and hardness tests. The i...
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In this work phenolics pre-polymer (resol type) and pre-polymer lignin-phenol (40% w/w sugar cane bagasse lignin) were synthesized. These pre-polymers were used to prepare matrice of several composites reinforced with bagasse fibers, sisal fibers and curaua fibers. The bagasse and sisal fibers were extracted with cyclohexane/ethanol. The improvement in impact strength was small for sugar cane bagasse reinforced composites and it was very significant for sisal reinforced composites. The curaua fi...
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In this work the performance of thermoset phenolic/sugar cane bagasse composites were ascertained as a function of fiber content and matrix modification. The matrix was modified by using lignin, extracted from sugar cane bagasse, as a partial (40% wt) phenol substitute. The thermoset polymer matrices and related composites were compression moulded and the products were characterized by TG, DSC, DMTA, Impact Strength, Shore D Hardness. Our results indicate that phenol can be substituted by lignin...
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