Mohamed Abudhahir
Chettinad University
Regenerative medicineElectrospinningNanotechnologyBiomineralizationMaterials scienceRUNX2Bone fractureOsteoblastBone tissueDrug deliveryPolycaprolactoneBone regenerationChemical engineeringMesoporous materialBone healingProtein adsorptionScaffold
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The bone defects healing are always associated with post implantation infections; hence biomaterials rules significant role for orchestration of defective bone. In this study, we synthesized biocomposite scaffold by combining polycaprolactone (PCL), wollastonite (Ws) and metal ions (Cu) by electrospinning technique. The manufactured scaffolds (PCL/Ws andPCL/Cu-Ws) were subjected to physio-chemical characterization by scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, Fourier Tra...
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Abstract Treatment strategy for various bone fracture and defects the researchers are focusing to develop a new carrier for delivering the drug into injured area with controlled and sustained manner using biomaterials with dynamic architecture orientation. Ceramic materials are resembled with bone compositional architecture and better bioactivity, degradability as well as antimicrobial activity made its enormous application in bone tissue engineering (BTE). Current focus in regenerative medicine...
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