A. Bensalem
University of Batna
Mathematical optimizationSimulated annealingGlobal optimizationEconomic dispatchGenerator (mathematics)Point (geometry)Fuel costWater cycle algorithmMetaheuristic optimizationSalp swarm algorithmValve point effectGlobal optimalNon smoothComputer scienceTransmission (telecommunications)Electric power system
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In this paper, a new optimization technique called SSA-SA approach has been suggested. This proposed technique, which is the hybridization of two meta-heuristic techniques named Salp Swarm Algorithm (SSA) and Simulated Annealing (SA) method aims to improve the global optimal solution of ED problem in electrical power systems, considering the various complexities of practical operational constraints, such as valve point effects, active transmission losses, Prohibited Operating Zones (POZ) and Ram...
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This paper exposes a novel optimization technique named Water Cycle Algorithm (WCA) for solving Economic Dispatch (ED) problem considering practical generator constraints as Prohibited Operating Zones (POZ) and Ramp Rate Limits (RRL) for smooth and non-smooth fuel cost curve of objective function without and with valve point effect, respectively. The proposed technique is applied on three test systems including 6-units, 15-units and 40-units in order to investigate its ability for solving constr...
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