Amruta Ponkshe
Savitribai Phule Pune University
IrradiationMineralization (soil science)Absorption spectroscopyNuclear chemistryDegradation (geology)Fourier transform infrared spectroscopyX-ray photoelectron spectroscopyChemistryChemical oxygen demandMaterials scienceAtenololGrapheneRaman spectroscopyChemical engineeringPhotodissociationPhotocatalysisPollutantNanocompositeWastewater
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Abstract Degradation of wastewater containing recalcitrant pharmaceuticals is one of the emerging problems. Photocatalytic degradation and mineralization of two beta blockers Propranolol (PR) and Atenolol (AT) was investigated in TiO2 suspension. Four commercially available TiO2 samples viz. Aeroxide P25, Hombikat UV 100, Kronoclean 7000 and Merck TiO2 were used in which, Aeroxide TiO2 P25 was found to give best photocatalytic activity for both the pollutants studied under UV light as well as si...
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Abstract Easy synthesis of graphene based composite photocatalyst with the incorporation of minimal quantity of noble metals for the enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen evolution as well as photocatalytic degradation and mineralization of recalcitrant pollutants under solar irradiation is an urgent requirement from the clean energy and environment point of view all over the globe. Herein, we demonstrate the decoration of Pt by photodeposition method on the hydrothermally synthesized RGO-TiO 2 nanoc...
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