Ozgun Atasoy
University of Basel
AdvertisingSpeciality goodsFinal goodIntermediate goodAssociation (psychology)Intangible goodVeblen goodSelfDigital goodsValue (ethics)Willingness to payPerceived controlIncentive compatibility
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#1Ozgun Atasoy (University of Basel)H-Index: 1
#2Carey K. Morewedge (BU: Boston University)H-Index: 27
Digital goods are, in many cases, substantive innovations relative to their physical counterparts. Yet, in five experiments, people ascribed less value to digital than to physical versions of the same good. Research participants paid more for, were willing to pay more for, and were more likely to purchase physical goods than equivalent digital goods, including souvenir photographs, books (fiction and nonfiction), and films. Participants valued physical goods more than digital goods whether their...
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