J.W. Wong
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IMAGING HIGHLIGHTS □ The increase in imaging information and advances in computer technology are allowing correction of the two main causes of treatment inaccuracy: uncertainty in defining clinical target volume (CTV) and variations in patient geometry and tumor movement.
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Abstract Purpose: We hypothesize that the difference in image quality between the traditional kilovoltage (kV) prescription radiographs and megavoltage (MV) treatment radiographs is a major factor hindering our ability to accurately measure, thus correct, setup error in radiation therapy. The objective of this work is to study the accuracy of on-line correction of setup errors achievable using either kV- or MV-localization (i.e., open-field) radiographs. Methods and Materials: Using a gantry mou...
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Abstract Purpose: Dose escalation in conformal radiation therapy requires accurate field placement. Electronic portal imaging devices are used to verify field placement but are limited by the low subject contrast of bony anatomy at megavoltage (MV) energies, the large imaging dose, and the small size of the radiation fields. In this article, we describe the in-house modification of a medical linear accelerator to provide radiographic and tomographic localization of bone and soft-tissue targets i...
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