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Chronic pain is debilitating and depressing. ‘Chronic primary pain has no clear underlying condition or the pain (or its impact) appears to be out of proportion to any observable injury or disease. ’1 In July 2014, Sir Simon Wessely stated in an article in The Times entitled, Pain may be in the mind , that: ‘Many of them [chronic pain patients] have mental health disorders — anxiety, depression, etc’, and that, ‘patients felt dismissed and denigrated when they were referred to mental health serv...
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This February 2020 edition of the BJGP contains topics that are more closely interrelated than first appears, and the relationship is crucial for GPs to recognise. As you say, language matters and ‘The chances of a successful outcome are less good when … the consultation includes topics such as common mental health disorders and the highly contested territories of persistent but “medically” unexplained symptoms and maladaptive responses to commonplace adversities’ :1 …
As a named petitioner in the Scottish Parliament public petition cited by Des Spence in this article,1 I would like to thank Dr Spence wholeheartedly for his support on …
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