Eunice K. Choi
University of California, Los Angeles
Internal medicinePathologyImmunohistochemistryBiopsyHepatitis CVeinPancreasLiver transplantationGastrointestinal tractLiver biliary tractSurgical methodsGastrointestinal pathologyImmunostainingMedicineStainingGastroenterologyPolyclonal antibodies
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: Histopathologic diagnosis of antibody-mediated rejection in posttransplant liver biopsies is challenging. The recently proposed diagnostic criteria by the Banff Working Group on Liver Allograft Pathology require positive C4d immunohistochemical staining to establish the diagnosis. However, the reported C4d staining patterns vary widely in different studies. One potential explanation may be due to different antibody preparations used by different investigators. In this study, posttransplant liv...
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Context.— Immunomarkers with diagnostic, therapeutic, or prognostic values have been increasingly used to maximize the benefits of clinical management of patients with neoplastic diseases of the ga...
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