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A 35-year-old man presented with myalgia and bilateral hand weakness, 3 days after the onset of lethargy, fevers and rigours. The hand weakness caused functional impairment including difficulty pressing keys on his mobile phone. On examination, there was mild bilateral hand weakness with normal reflexes. His serum creatine kinase was mildly raised at 503 U/L (24–195), viral PCR throat swab was negative and electromyogram showed subtle myopathic changes in the distal forearm muscles. Nerve conduc...
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Introduction Primary Central Nervous System lymphoma (PCNSL) is responsible for 5% of all primary brain tumours within the UK. Barriers to diagnosis include steroid-responsiveness/false-negative biopsy and poor CSF sensitivity. We performed a pilot audit reflecting 5 years experience of PCNSL diagnosis based on criteria derived from 2011 British Neuro-Oncology guidelines. Methods Retrospective case note and electronic patient record review for patients between 2008 to 2013 with biopsy-proven lab...
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We present two cases of cerebral fat embolism. Both patients were 21-years old, male and involved in high impact road traffic collisions with no immediate neurological deficits. Patient A underwent intra-medullary nailing of right tibia/fibular fractures within 12 hours, and had external fixation for bilateral distal femoral fractures. Post-operatively, GCS was 6. Subsequent intracranial MR imaging showed widespread cerebral hypointense punctate foci on SWI (susceptibility-weighted imaging), som...